Published On : Sat, Nov 4th, 2017

Major twist: Wife, daughter of Principal Wankhede gave ‘Supari’ to eliminate him over domestic feud

Nagpur: In a major twist to the murder of Chandrapur college Principal Moreshwar Wankhede, it has come to the fore that his wife and daughter themselves gave “supari” (contract) to eliminate him over domestic feud. However, the call details of the daughter and one of the assailants, who happened to be her ‘paramour,’ exposed the murder most foul. The four assailants who took Rs 5 lakh ‘Supari’ to eliminate the Principal too have been arrested.

Cracking the murder within 24 hours, cops have arrested the accused wife Anita Wankhede, married daughter Sayali and the four accused assailants namely Ankit Ramlal Katewar (19), Shashikant alias Sonu Chandrakant Chaudhary (19), Shubham alias Bunty Mohurle, all residents of Nildoh, Hingna, and Sagar alias Paji Bawri (20) of Hingna. Interrogation of the four accused assailants revealed that the Principals’ wife and daughter agreed to give Rs 5 lakh to Shubham Mohurle for killing Moreshwar Wankhede. Rs 20,000 was given in advance and the remaining amount was to be given after the brutal task. Accordingly, Shubham hatched a conspiracy with the help of three other accused and accomplished the ghastly crime. The accused Shubham told the cops that Rs 4 lakh was offered to two other accused while Rs 1.50 lakh was to be given to Sagar alias Paji Bawri.

The accused assailants trailed the deceased Principal Wankhede since the past 15 days and minutely observed his movements. In the wee hours of Friday, the accused grabbed the first opportunity and eliminated him by slitting his throat. The plan of the accused wife Anita Wankhede and daughter Sayali was to show the murder as accident or robbery. However, the call details of Sayali and Shubham blew the lid over the murder plan and the role of all the accused. The illicit relations between Sayali and Shubham also played the nasty role in the murder of Moreshwar and at the same time also helped cops to unravel the murder plan.

Moreshwar alias Mahesh Mahadevrao Wankhede (61), resident of Narendra Nagar, Nagpur, was Principal at Arts, Commerce and Science College, run by Dnyandeep Shikshan Prasarak Mandal in Chandrapur. On Friday, he left the house at 4.15 am to board a train for Chandrapur. While passing-by NEERI gate on Wardha Road, the unidentified assailant(s) dashed against Wankhede’s two-wheeler. As a result, the vehicle crashed onto a roadside tree. At the same time, the assailants slit Moreshwar’s throat with sharp-edged weapon. He died at the spot due to heavy blood loss. The murder came to fore after the security guard of NEERI noticed the body. He alerted police control room. Night patrolling team of Bajaj Nagar Police Station visited the spot and informed senior police officers.

Soon after the murder, cops swung into action and started investigations from all angles. Within 24 hours of the murder, cops exposed the role of Anita Wankhede and Sayali. The mother-daughter duo gave “Supari” to eliminate the Principal. It is revealed that Sayali gave the ‘Supari’ through her ‘paramour’ Shubham Mohurle. However, the call details of Sayali and her ‘friend’ blew the lid over the murder and role of the accused.

According to sources, the accused Anita Wankhede is a teacher in a reputed school situated near Ganesh Tekdi Mandir. The daughter Sayali has completed BSc and had love marriage with a guy named Pawan Yadav, resident of Telangkhedi area, four years ago. She has a 3-year old daughter. However, following skirmishes, Sayali was living with her parents since the past one year. The major cause of domestic brawls between the deceased Moreshwar Wankhede and his wife and daughter was the illicit relations. According to sources, Sayali was allegedly having illicit relations with Shubham Mohurle. And the Principal was the hurdle in the ‘illicit relationship.’ Hence he was eliminated in a well devised plan.