Majhi Metro gets RDSO Certificate

Majhi Metro, Nagpur Metro
Nagpur: In a major boost, Majhi Metro has received the RDSO (Research Design and Standards Organization) Certificate for the successful conduct of oscillation trial at 5.2 at grade section between Khapri and Airport South stretch. The trial was conducted on September 30, 2017.

Mahametro had sent the trial run results of 5.2km at grade section to Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO), Lucknow. The RDSO officials had told Mahametro that if they find the results satisfactory, they may not come to Nagpur for verification of data. RDSO is a Ministry of Railways undertaking that tests new railway projects.

Mahametro had been conducting oscillation trial for one month. The agency had fitted an oscillation monitoring system in one of the coaches. It measures the oscillation when the train moves. The coaches had been leased from Hyderabad Metro and hence there was no need to test them again.

With Railway Board giving its conditional clearance, the stage is set for commencement of commercial service of Nagpur Metro Rail. At-Grade section comprising 5.3 kms of North-South corridor stretches from Airport to Khapri Depot and is getting almost ready with construction in full swing.

Maharashtra Metro is keen to start the commercial services, probably by year end in this section, but affixing the signalling devices in totality would require further time as they needs to be done for entire North-South stretch at one go. This particular section however is designated as priority section and probably by year end the commercial services might be introduced. Starting commercial services on this sector alone would allow authorities to gauge people’s reaction and also allow testing the system so that if any changes are required could then be made in other segments.

At Grade section would be having three stations, Airport, New Airport, Khapri while maintenance facilities of North-South section would be done at Khapri Depot. Works is on this section at very fast pace and target for start of customary services is kept by December. The Maharashtra Metro wrote to Railway Board and apprised it of its desire and this was examined in detail.