Published On : Mon, Oct 23rd, 2017

Mahesh Pillai obtains PhD in Business Management

Mahesh Pillai
Nagpur: Mahesh passed his BE in Aeronautical engineering from Hindustan College of Engineering & Technology, Chennai and did his MBA from one of the top universities of the UK, University of Sheffield. he registered for PhD in Business Management Department of Nagpur University under the able guidance of Dr. Rajesh Ingole, principal of Sardar Patel College, Chandrapur, on the topic a comparative study of marketing strategies adopted by consumer car manufacturers in india and japan with special reference to TATA Moters ltd & maruti udhyog ltd. in india and Toyota Motors Corporation and Nissan Motor Company Ltd. in Japan.

After completing his MBA he had joined suhail bahwan automobiles IIc in muscat, sultanate of oman and served as brand manager for nissan brand of cars for about five years later he pursued full time research work in right earnest. RTM nagpur university decleared the award of doctorate after evaluation of his thesis vide notification number RTMNU/PhD(Cell)/10/252 dated 7th sept.2017.

Mahesh gives credit of the sucessful completion of his study to de. rajesh ingole his PhD supervisor. he has acknowledged his gratefulness to dr vinayak deshpande,former professor and HOD of management studies and presently Dean of commerce faculty for giving him proper insight into the topic in the beginning stages.

He has also expressed his indebtedness to dr anant deshmukh, present HOD of business management,professor rahul kharabe, Dr. Mukund Rajan, principal of central India Lawa College, Nagpur. Adv. Dr Anthony Collins, principal Dr Warkad and Dr Shashi Pawar for their invaluable co-operation.he is also grateful for the blessing of Hon’ble shri santaramji potdukhe,dr gopal mundhada,shri ANM pillai, his father inlaw,his sisters and brothers in law dr rajlakshmi,dr sujoy bannerjee,nagpur,adv. rani sooraj and dr. sooraj kumar,muscat. mr padmakumar nair,mr suraj pillai and his close relatives and friends congratulated him on this occassion. he has expressed his gratitude towards his wife renu and daughter kripa for their moral support.he expresses his thanks to ms rohini gajarlawar for her technical support.

dr mahesh is the son of dr A P pillai,founder principal of S P college of law,chandrapur and dr sreelatha pillai,professor in the department of english,FES girlas college,chandrpur.