Published On : Wed, Aug 28th, 2019

Mahavitaran is ready for uninterrupted power supply during Ganeshotsav

Nagpur: On the occasion of the arrival of Shri Ganeshji, the deity of Maharashtra, who is only a few days away, power consumers, can get quality, uninterrupted and smooth power supply for this purpose, thus completing the maintenance and repair of power lines and power equipment immediately. The directions of the Mahavitaran have been given to all the field offices by the Regional Director in charge, Dilip Ghugal of Nagpur Region.

Cutting of tree branches over power lines, inspecting and repairing transformers, distribution boxes, sub-station equipment, replacing worn-out kitkats, arranging for maintenance of short and high tension lines of traffic sites, suitable capacity Priority to inserting fuse wire and starting control room (24X7) in three shifts at divisional, sectional, divisional and regional levels The instructions of Dilip Ghugal have also been given.

For temporary electricity connections for public festivals of all religions, the electricity rate is Rs. 4.55 per unit. For public festivals of all religions, only one electricity tariff is being charged for electricity consumption through electricity connection. Therefore, even if electricity is consumed in large quantities, only Rs. 4.55 per unit will be charged till the last unit. Instructions have also been given by the Regional Director to give instant connection to the Mandals seeking temporary connection for Ganeshotsav. Due to the large number of people attending the Ganeshotsav, local staff and officers are alert to prevent electricity accidents at such a place, where there is no temporary connection and to take initiative to take electricity connection to the place by turning off the power supply is also stated.

On the day of immersion of the Ganesh festival, the temporary electricity connection sought at the immersion site should be given soon. Also, on the day of immersion, divisional sub-divisional and section engineers have suggested to be present in the caste till the immersion process is completed.

During the entire Ganeshotsav, all officers and employees are obliged to remain in the headquarters and no one should leave the headquarters without the permission of the competent authorities; Initial survey of the Ganesh statue immersion site en route to the immersion site should be done to ensure that the idol or scene is not disturbed in the procession. In this regard, Dilip Ghugal has also requested to give directions to all the subordinate employees.