Published On : Sat, May 23rd, 2020

Maha’s Covid-19 mortality rate down in 1 month

Nagpur/Mumbai: In the past month, Maharashtra Covid-19 mortality rate has fallen from 4.76 per cent to 3.49 per cent, as of Thursday, according to the data from the Maharashtra Health Department.

However, during the same period, the number of deaths went up drastically to 1,454 on Thursday, from 269 deaths on April 22.

On April 22, the total number of Covid-19 cases in the state was 5,649, with a mortality rate of 4.76%. On May 21, the total number of cases in the state was 41,642, with a mortality rate of 3.49%.

As of Saturday, the total number of Covid-19 cases in Maharashtra stood at 44,582, and the number of deaths was 1,517, which resulted in a mortality rate of 3.40%. However, the analysis of Saturday’s data is yet to be released by the Maharashtra government.

The mortality rate in Maharashtra has steadily dropped for the past one month. According to the state health department’s data, the mortality rate was 4.76% on April 22, 4.24% on April 26, 4.37% on April 30, 4.22% on May 1, 3.85% on May 9, 3.7% on May 14, 3.62% on May 16 and 3.49% on May 21.

The number of tests during this period also went up from around 89,000 on April 22 to 3.22 lakh tests as of Saturday.