Published On : Wed, May 6th, 2015

Maharajbagh Zoo makes arrangements to make animals cope with summer heat


Nagpur: With the mercury soaring high during the day-time, both human and animals bear the brunt of the heat. Only those who have to perform some duty, venture out in the sun. Just like humans, animals too have to bear the brunt of the hot, dry weather of Nagpur.

The animals housed in Maharajbagh Zoo are often victims of the extreme weather conditions. The Zoo authorities strive to make it comfortable and easy for the animals in the zoo. The carnivorous big cats are the worst hit usually. This year, the zoo authorities have made a water hole with sufficient water to help the big cats take a dip and keep themselves cool.


Similarly, a canal has been dug out which traverses the pen which hosts the spotted deer. The canal has flowing water which satiates the thirst of the spotted deer which are large in number in Maharajbagh Zoo.

It is vital that animals have constant access to both water and shade as heat stress can develop extremely quickly in hot weather during summer. The zoo authorities need to ensure that the animals in their care are kept safe, cool and hydrated to avoid a cruel death. It’s often very difficult to cope with rising temperatures especially in Nagpur.

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Photographs by Ashish Domne.