Published On : Wed, Jun 18th, 2014

Mahadula Pumping Station’s Transformer Out of Order, Water Supply Adversely Affected

MSEDCL’s transformer stopped working, Water level of Gorewada lake dropped

Gorewada Lake-1 (2)
Nagpur: Parts of West, South-West and South Nagpur may receive disturbed water supply till 21st June 2014. This situation may arise due to the limited power supply to Mahadula Pumping

Station Mahadula Pumping Station receives power supply through two of the transformers of Koradi Sub-station. One of these two transformers got out of order on 11th June 2014. This has resulted in limited power supply to Mahadula Pumping Station due to which Mahadula Pumping Station cannot work to the full of its capacity. This has reduced the level of Gorewada lake from last night. Normally the level of Gorewada Lake is 315 mtr. But now it has reduced to 313.5 mtr. If there is any further reduction in the level, water supply to Gorewada WTP and subsequently to the city will be severely affected.

The installation and commissioning of new transformer will at least take time up to 21st June 2014. Till then the areas mentioned ahead may face affected supply conditions:
Omkar Nagar ESR Command Area, Mhalgi Nagar ESR Command Area, Narsala Village, Areas receiving water from Wanjari Nagar Feeder Main and Boriyapura Feeder Main, Parts of Laxmi Nagar and Dharampeth Zone, Parts of Mangalwari Zone, etc.

To minimize the inconvenience to the citizens OCW is trying to pump more than usual from the Gorewada WTP. In addition, OCW is keeping Nelson’s eye on the MSEDCL’s repair works and planning to make proper water distribution in all areas.

To draw a long term solution on such problems, NMC & OCW are all set to improve the Gorewada water supply system which supplies 420 MLD water to West, South-West and
South Nagpur. At present water comes from Pench reservoir to Mahadula pumping station to a Break Pressure Tank (BPT) located near Lake and then flows into lake. Water is then being lifted from Gorewada Lake to Water Treatment Plant (WTP) at Pench-I, Pench-II, and Pench-III pumping stations.

NMC-OCW has already started work to interconnect the BPT directly to three WTP’s by laying a 2.4 km pipeline (2 meter dia). OCW has already laid 1 km pipeline along the
Gorewada Basti road and work is going in full swing to complete the job.

This innovative full-proof work planned as a part of 24×7 project will automatically bypass the Gorewada Lake and Lake will purely become a storage reservoir and can be used during Summer or if the Pench canal breaches etc. This will effectively increase Gorewada Lake’s storage capacity as it will not be required for daily operations once the BPT is directly connected with WTP’s.

OCW has always been taking innovative steps towards welfare and convenience of citizens of Nagpur. This is an example of this approach of OCW.

The inconvenience caused to citizens due to the irregularities of power supply is deeply regretted.