Published On : Wed, Oct 17th, 2018

Maha Metro : Casting yard for Reach-IV achieves half of its target

Nagpur: Followed by the last segment for Reach-I has been cast at Maha Metro Jamtha Casting Yard, the casting yard for Reach-IV has also achieved almost half of its target.

As many as 1,152 out of the total 2,378 segments to be cast for Reach-IV, have been prepared already. The Reach-IV spans from Munje Square, Sitabuldi interchange junction to Prajapati Nagar and passes through the crowded Central Avenue road.

Recently, Maha Metro Nagpur announced the casting of last segment for Reach-I which stretches from Airport South Station to Munje Square. The Asoli Casting Yard, which is in the jurisdiction of Reach-IV is located in rural parts of Nagpur district off Bhandara Road. The casting yard is spread over an area of 19 acres and Segments, I-Girders and T-Girders are cast here.

Overall, 260 officials, technicians and workers work ceaselessly at this Casting Yard and have cast almost 50 per cent of the total segments to be done. Other than the 1,152 segments which have been cast till now, 293 of the proposed 529 T-Girders have also been readied. The segments are being cast using modern machines like transit mixture, launching girder, gantry crane etc

Normally 6 segments are cast on any given day. Every day project work begins with the workers being briefed about the safety measures to be taken at the work site. Segments are launched on the piers erected in the Reach, with the help of Launching Girder. Out of the total of 1,258, 1,100 piles have also been installed till now.

Overall, 9 stations are being constructed as part of Reach-IV along the 8.3 km stretch. Many prominent commercial and residential areas like Itwari, Mominpura, Mahal are adjacent to the metro route, thus leading to crowding of CA road. The work, in this reach has been undertaken, while addressing traffic issues on this road.