Maha Metro being recognized on a global platform on implementing 5D BIM digital platform

Maha Metro, 5D-BIM Digital Platform, Nagpur
Nagpur: Maha Metro has been recognized at a global level for bringing changes in the Infrastructure Project Implementation and Management Strategy by introducing the 5D – BIM digital platform for the first time in India.

Shri Brijesh Dixit, Managing Director, Maha Metro who had the unique insight of taking this decision was invited as a key note speaker to share his experiences on successfully implementing 5D BIM digital platform in the Nagpur Metro Rail Project. “This platform will also be carried forward to the Pune Metro Rail Project as it is important for any project to have a digital backbone from Day One” he said addressing a session in Bentley’s(global gathering of leading executives in the world of infrastructure design, construction, and Year in Infrastructure 2017 Conference operations. It was held on October 10 – 12 in Singapore)

Further, he also emphasized, “the digital platform will present the development of the railway- from concept to design to construction, along with the plans for operations. The importance of having a common data environment and exchanging data throughout the lifecycle, and the Software and processes are key to helping meet an aggressive schedule and budget”.

“From the design board to onsite implementation and billing information is shared seamlessly through a modern Building Information Management system that integrates accounting and budgetary allocations. This allows integration of time and cost dimensions to the 3D modelling of BIM. So, when a work is done, measurements are checked using 3D modelling, accounts are automatically upgraded and bills passed in the common data environment. The 5D BIMModel thus factors in time and cost management effectively” Dixit said.