Published On : Thu, Sep 3rd, 2015

MADC-Mihan head office likely to be shifted to Nagpur

Nagpur: The MADC-Mihan head office at Mumbai is likely to be shifted to Nagpur. A decision to this effect may be taken by the state government with a view to provide momentum to MADC-Mihan as it is functioning at present at snail’s pace.

After Devendra Fadnavis having become the Chief Minister of state from Nagpur, Union Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari is much interested in the development of MADC-Mihan related activities at Nagpur. This being the fact, the head office of MADC-Mihan may be shifted from Mumbai to Nagpur, and truly, in that case it will gather momentum here.

At present,  the head office of Mihan is situated at Cuffe Parade in South Mumbai, and all decisions are taken from there. It may be because of the fact that Mumbai is the economic capital of the country and also the capital of Maharashtra State, and the entrepreneurs as well as the investors from across the world congregate there at Mumbai.

But, expected advantages from Rs 45 crore worth MADC head-office could not come out. Moreover, there should be political will behind investments in Mihan and its correlated developments, irrespective of its office functioning anywhere.

There are various speculations in this regard. First, MADC’s administrative office be shifted to Nagpur while the marketing team be allowed to function from there (Mumbai) only. Secondly, the administrative powers of Nagpur-based office be enhanced, for all small or big decisions are taken at Mumbai. The Mantralaya being at Mumbai the CEO of MADC sits there in order to be in constant contact with the government.

However, if the decision is taken about shifting of MADC here in Nagpur, it will be good for Mihan.