Luxurious resort to come up on forest land at Gorewada

Nagpur: Very soon a luxurious resort will come up near dam close to the Gorewada jungle. From nearly six decades the Forest department’s acres of land is with Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) which will be acquired by a Hotelier in a well planned manner. It is learnt that in a very systematic and well planned way some white collared persons and Investors will see that the NMC hands over the land to Forest department. It will be sanctioned a general meeting to be held on Monday, November 20.

According to the locals here, the entire land is with NMC which has Water works pumping house and houses of the Water Works employees. Even today in this area the British period guest house in dilapidated condition can found here. There are thousands of trees as old as 100 to 150 years beautifying the area and maintaining the ecological balance. Nearly 50 houses have been occupied by the employees of the NMC’s Water Works Department since ages. Often people come here for morning–evening walk and for picnic during holidays because the scenic beauty.
Soon, after Gorewada was declared as the open forest the building construction mafia become active. Even the politicians and officials appear to be interested in this. It is alleged that the members of the ruling party have their vested interest and are making full use of their power. A few months back earlier ruling party members had invited the Hospitality industry people to the survey the Gorewada jungle area so that they could acquire the land and build their luxurious resorts on land as per their choice.

One of the person from Hospitality industry liked the forest department’s land which is with the NMC. Now the efforts are on to get the land transferred back to forest land from NMC to forest department in well planned manner. About two months back the proposal was tabled at NMC general meeting for handing over forest department’s land to Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra, for Gorewada Zoo. Senior Corporator of BJP Jagdish Gwalvanshi and Senior Corporator of Congress Harish Gwalvanshi had raised objection. They had jointly demanded that the forest department’s land should remain with NMC.

The British period construction repaired and protected. Besides this, NMC should come forward and undertake the beautification work of the entire land. Instead of giving forest land in the private hand should be handover to forest department. Despite objection raised by the Gwalvanshis the land has been granted sanction by NMC. Some improvement will be done in technicalities in this matter and would be handed over at the meeting on Nov 20. FDCM will give some portion of land on Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis to the person demanding it but actually the entire main land will be used by the buyer. It may be mentioned that due to this land transfer nearly 48 families will have to leave the place. Maximum trees are sure to be felled. In this case even the opposition is silent because of its vested interest.