Published On : Tue, May 5th, 2015

Lovelorn youth torments, molests woman with dirty talks, messages on her mobile phone


An unidentified lovelorn youth tormented and molested a 29-year old woman by frequently calling her on mobile phone and indulging in dirty talk and life threats. The accused called the woman from five different mobile handsets and sent obscene messages.

The 29-year old woman, resident of Lakadganj, frequently received calls and messages on her mobile phone from the accused. The accused called the woman and sent messages from mobile phones 9639250430, 992030853, 9822086248, 04032597051 and 04032597933 and talked dirty. He sent messages with words “You have spoilt my life and now I will not rest till you are brought on the streets.” With the dirty talks and vulgar messages the lovelorn accused tormented and molested the woman frequently.

Lakadganj Senior PSI Wankhede, on the basis of a complaint filed by the woman, has booked the unidentified offender under Sections 354(D)(2), 507 of IPC and searching for him.

Representational Pic

Representational Pic