Published On : Wed, Mar 20th, 2013

Love-lorn girl abducts boy, shaves his head for rejecting proposal in Nagpur

Nagpur News: Everything is fair in love and war. And when its love, people are generally blind folded and become insane. Usually, stories of love-lorn boys abducting their love life are heard. But, in a very unusual and unheard incident, an 18-year-old girl abducted her love interest and forced him to consent to her proposal and when he refused she did not gave a second thought shaved his head to turn down her proposal.

A resident of Rachana Gokul Apartment, 18-year-old Sapna fell in love with Sachin Deorao Gonnade (22), a resident of Tandapeth, Chandrabhaga Nagar, while working together. Sapna was head over heal in love with Sachin but he never reciprocated to her feelings. Even after continuous attempts to woo him, Sachin showed no interest in her and started avoiding her sensing her strong feelings for him. This infuriated Sapna.

In order to teach him a lesson, On Tuesday at around 3 pm, Sapna with 5-6 of her male accomplices cornered Sachin near Mahal and forcefully took him to her flat at Mankapur. She scolded him for avoiding her. Already infuriated with Sachin, Sapna again asked him to accept her proposal, but yet again Sachin turned her down. This broke threshold of her tolerance and she beat him black and blue with the help of her accomplices.

Sapna again asked Sachin to accept her in his life, but Sachin remained adamant on his answer and did not reciprocate to her feelings. This further infuriated Sapna. His continuous refusals made her lose all her sanity and rationality. She and her accomplices then took Sachin to a saloon nearby and shaved his head to teach him a lesson. After they freed Sachin, he mustered courage and reached Kotwali Police Station to lodge a complaint against Sapna and her accomplices. Police booked Sapna and six others and registered an offence against them. Further investigations are underway.