Published On : Tue, May 21st, 2019

Loco pilot’s alertness averts tragedy on Nagpur-Nagbhir route

Nagpur: Presence of mind shown by a loco pilot of the narrow gauge train averted a mishap on Nagpur-Nagbhir route on Tuesday afternoon.

According to sources, the train left Itwari station on Tuesday afternoon for Nagbhir. The train was on its way to Bhiwapur after leaving Umrer. When it was approaching Kargoan station, the loco pilot noticed branches of Babool tree lying in the middle of the track. He then applied brakes and stopped the train. The loco pilot with help of the passengers removed the branches and proceeded for further journey. This resulted in delay of the train schedule, sources informed. The alertness on part of the loco pilot averted a mishap with passengers heaving a sigh of relief.