Published On : Thu, Aug 3rd, 2017

‘Lock’ the ‘Dreadlock’: The latest buzz among trendsetters

Nagpur: All our hearts thumped a beat when we saw Johny Depp’s Dreadlocks assuring him as a Pirate. We all have been extolling the hair do on Bob Marley since he first hummed ‘Judge Not’. Ever since then the two have been most rampant names whenever it comes to locks.

However, you need not be a pirate or a vocalist or a reggae fan anymore to sport the dreads. The times are changing and so are the trends. The youth now is sporting enough to carry any hairstyle they are reminiscent of. As a latest buzz, the locks appear to be making a comeback.

No more is the dreadlock hair trend restricted to Africans wanting to preserve their fashion culture but it has evolved to so many places worldwide and is appearing as a valuable contributor to the glamorous hair fashion trends right now. Let it be Zendaya walking in Oscars with a dead stunning dreadlock hairdo or Beyonce.

If you are a regular dweller on the streets of Nagpur, chances are you might have seen a dreadlocked guy partially covered in tattoos roaring his Harley Davidson on the streets. We are here to ‘unlock’ this ‘dreadlock’ mystery. A tattoo artist by profession, Kamal Nayan Mishra, is a leading face of the trend in city. A stern follower of Lord Shiva, he claims to have got his inspiration to carry dreadlocks from him. His trendy hairs have turned him in a mini-celebrity of the town. “Whenever I am riding my bike, people meet me and ask to have snaps with me. I feel good”, he said. “This has also boosted my self confidence and I am happy to carry myself this way”, he added. Altered into this avatar from 2013, Kamal is no mood to change his look anytime soon.

What to do if you want ‘em too?
The creation and maintenance of dreadlocks is a tedious task. Also, there are various methods using which you can create and grow them. Kamal, in a tête-à-tête with Nagpur Today, also informed that in order to maintain his style statement, he uses a special shampoo exported from Jamaica. There are several websites and methods to achieve the style which can be easily surfed on the web.

Far removed from the clichés, dreads are now being incorporated into all manner of styles, from elegant to sporty, whilst always keeping that rebellious edge. They are being worn more and more by fashionistas, who are going all out and turning them into a stylish must-have look.

—Aditi Mishra