Published On : Mon, May 24th, 2021

Little Jewels Kindergarten’s “Attitude of Gratitude” drive!

Ms. Pooja Puniyani (Coordinator), Ms. Harleen Kaur Raina (Front Office Executive), Mr. Nimish Tiwari (Administrator) & FAITO team

Nagpur: As Covid -19 lashes the world, the frontline workers are risking their own life to save others. Also, the temperature in Nagpur, which is now being called “Aagpur”, has recently hit the 42o Celsius mark. In this scorching heat, where many are sitting in their homes, enjoying the cool created by air conditioners and coolers and probably sipping a cool drink, the ones who control our daily commute are now on duty day-in and day-out to ensure that the lockdown norms are followed by all citizens; the cops of our city, have been there on the hot asphalt doing their duty with due promptness and care. We feel it is our responsibility to show our gratitude to these people, who brave the unrelenting heat and keep our city safe.

With this thought in mind, Little Jewels Kindergarten, A Feeder Kindergarten of Jain International School, Katol Road, Nagpur, has initiated a drive to deliver cold drinking water to the cops on duty in the city of Nagpur . This drive is powered by Faito, Nagpur’s very own all round delivery application. Faito can be best utilized to get any essential commodity home delivered and also exchange small or medium sized packages anywhere in Nagpur.

This drive will take place for a span of 7 days. It has commenced 24.05.2021. In this span of 7 days, Nagpur city will witness the Faito delivery pilots delivering cool and refreshing mineral water bottles to the cops around of the city.

This is an effort by the Little Jewels family to thank the police personnel for their dedication to their duty . This activity is part of the year around program ’Attitude of Gratitude’ of the kindergarten. With this drive, it is hoped, that we help all realize the importance of these cops and thank them for their contribution towards the city.

The ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ program runs in Little Jewels throughout the year and the children of the kindergarten show their gratitude to all who help them and make their school life easier and happier, be it the helpers of the school or the bus drivers who ferry them around or the garden staff etc .,by small little activities.

Little Jewels believes in providing a sound moral base to the children via such activities. Teamed up with activity based learning and a lot of real life learning, Little Jewels builds an excellent foundation for children, making Little Jewels, a name to reckon with amongst all kindergartens in the city.