Published On : Mon, Feb 18th, 2019

LGBTQ community takes out Orange City Pride March

Nagpur: Amid zeal of decriminalization of Article 377 and it’s significant to the LGBTQ community along with few older problems regarding existent social stigma and newer responsibilities, Sarthi Trust took out the fourth annual ‘Orange City LGBT Pride March’ from Samvidhan Square on Saturday.

Along with the community members the volunteers of various social organizations like Indian Peace Centre, National Circle of Churches of India took part in the rally which kicked off from Samvidhan Square to Panchasheel Square.

“Love knows no limits”; “I am proud gay”, “LGBTQ- Ladenge Girenge Bhidenge Takarayege Quki ye humara haq hai” banners were seen during the march. The community members also chanted slogans in like “I am Gay, that’s ok”, “I am lesbian, that’s okay,” on this occasion.

While comparing the condition of city’s LGBTQ community with her homeland a volunteer of Indian Peace Centre, Svenja who belongs to Germany told Nagpur Today that, “Despite the fact that, we have passed the same sex marriage bill, there is section of the society who is yet to accept the community members.”

She further mentioned that, the enthusiasm and efforts of Nagpur’s LGBTQ are remarkable, when it comes to face society.

Don’t come out of the closet unless you are independent
A 26-year-old Venkatesh from Kolkata who had participated third time in this march told Nagpur Today that, after the Article went down people think that it has become easy for community members to disclose their identify in front of society. However it is lot of difficult than it sounds.

“One should never express their true identify unless they are independent, because of social stigma obviously. The society or even family members tend to grapples when it comes to accept their children’s loving preferences. Thus to avoid any irrelevant situation, which will emerge soon after you reveal your true identify, one needs to be self dependant,” he added.

“Though the Supreme Court has brought down the Article, the mindsets of people are still the same,” Venkatesh asserted.

The real battle: To change the mindset of society
“It was the welcomed decision by the Supreme Court, however the decriminalization of Article 377 has brought more rational responsibilities on the community, to turn the echo of LGBTQ community into a noise. Society often tends to neglect the LGBTQ as the integral part of them, thus there is need to change the mentality of the society. This proud march is basically an awareness rally, to realize society the significant of LGBTQ community,” said Aanad Chandrani while speaking to Nagpur Today.

Though the decriminalization of Article 377 had helped people belong to the LGBTQ community to come out of the closet, the uncertainty of the society yet to acknowledge the significant of the LGBTQ community seems not to take a pause anytime soon. Now the community members can proudly confront their identities however the questions regarding jobs, child adoptions are yet to be resolved for the LGBTQ community.

-By Shubham Nagdeve