Published On : Thu, Aug 11th, 2016

Lazy lass : Kangana Ranaut shies away from showers!

Actress Kangana Ranaut
Actress Kangana Ranaut was at an event in the city, where she spilled the beans about her ‘dirty’ past. The ‘Rangoon’ star revealed that she was really lazy and hated taking baths. “I was really lazy, and hated taking a shower. My parents were fed up. Honestly, nothing good ever happened in my life during that phase. I didn’t make friends, no opportunities came my way,” Kangana told reporters. “Then I read a lot about elements, composition and energies. I got to know that energies are of three types, one of them being cleanliness which is the most superior type. It is the truth.” Kangana was speaking at the launch of a short film ‘Don’t let her go’, that is a part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan initiative.

The actress revealed that she studied Vedanta, followed Swami Vivekananda and soon found her life changing after she adopted these techniques. “When I started adopting that, things started changing in life. Now, I take a shower, stay clean and make sure I don’t litter. I haven’t littered for the past 12 years,” she added. On the work front, Kangana is awaiting the release of her periodic war drama ‘Rangoon’.