Published On : Tue, Aug 2nd, 2016

Lakhotia, Agrawal elected President, Secretary of SHCV

Rajesh Lakhotia (President) and Sanjay Agrawal (Secretary)

Rajesh Lakhotia (President) and Sanjay Agrawal (Secretary)

In the Annual General Meeting of Steel & Hardware Chamber of Vidarbha held on 31.07.2016, new Executive Body of Chamber has been elected for a term of two years i.e. 2016-17 & 2017-18. In the First Executive Committee Meeting held on 01.08.2016 Rajesh K. Lakhotia has been elected as President. He is well known social worker, connected with various social & cultural organizations, and is Vice-Chairman of Nagpur Nagrik Shakari Bank Ltd.

Sanjay K. Agrawal has been elected as Secretary. He is also Joint Secretary of Nag-Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce and executive committee member of Vidarbha Taxpayers Association. He is well known in business community and is also connected with various cultural & social organizations.

Other Office Bearers elected are, Rajesh R. Sarda (Sr. Vice President), Harish S. Bhattad (Jr. Vice President), Dinesh P. Agrawal (Treasurer), Manoj Khemani (Jt. Secretary).

Alok V. Agrawal, Anand Rander, Chetankumar Lad, Hardik Doshi, Harsh Agrawal, Manish Jejani, Mukesh Udeshi, Niraj Agrawal, Priyank Diwanka, Raja Shekharan, Rajinder Singh Kalsi, Sameer Agrawal, Satish Doshi, Shashank Khendelwal, Suryakant Agrawal and Vinay Dalmia are elected as Executive Committee Members for the term.