Published On : Fri, Sep 19th, 2014

Lady running prostitution racket apprehended in raid

Raid by Social Security wing of crime branch yields diary with phone numbers of 42 girls and 150 customers.

Raid 2
: ‘Madam’ often refers to an older woman who manages a brothel, escort service or some other form of prostitution. These are often ladies who have lost the charm of luring customers, who then start collecting younger girls who enter into this profession for financial gains. While some young girls enter this profession knowing fully well the consequences, other are forced into this act.

One such Madam named Sangeeta Sudhakar Shivankar aged 40 years. She was deserted by her husband 9 years ago. She has two daughters and a son. She made a very posh bungalow at the end of the road in Kale Layout in Sudharshan Nagar falling under the Gittikhadan Police Station. The bungalow was built in such a way that every big room had attached toilet and bathroom. Almost all the best facilities and modern amenities were installed in the bungalow.

This lady was running a caterer’s business where she met a lot of very poor and needy girls who were ready to do anything for earning a decent amount for food and clothing. This prompted her to start this business of luring young girls to satisfy the lecherous needs of rich young men.
This bungalow was built in such a manner in the corner of the locality that any new comer could easily be spotted by her henchmen. Her henchmen would inform her the moment they spot any new person entering that road. This enabled her to run the sex racket for 5 years without getting caught.

A secret tip off about this lady running a sex racket in the area made the Social Security Wing of the Crime Branch of Nagpur Police constituted a team and they sent a fake customer called ‘Punter’ in local cops’ parlance. The punter called this lady informing her that he was from Gondia and that he has already visited her premises earlier two years ago. This somehow convinced the lady but she called the punter to Manewada Bridge. Two cops teams were present ready to nab the lady. One was waiting near her bungalow, while one team was standing at a distance from the spot where the lady had called the punter. Soon a lady arrived on a Scooty. The cops had sent the punter on an auto-rickshaw. When the lady ascertained the punter as a genuine customer, she took him to her bungalow. While she went ahead on her Scooty, the punter followed her in the auto which was followed by the cops from a safe distance.

As soon as they reached the bungalow, the lady called a 30 year old lady from one of the rooms. The punter gave the signal to the cops and they raided the premises and seized a lot of Condoms, the marked Rs 3000, a diary with names and cell numbers of 42 girls and 150 regular customers which the punter had given to the Madam.

The lady who was called to serve the punter was a 35 year old lady who originally hails from Yavatmal. She had shifted to the city two years ago after she was divorced by her husband. She was living in Martin Nagar and has two sons. Poverty and urgent need for money to fill the stomach led her to enter into this trade.

The entire operation was under the directions of DCP Kolhe, under the supervision of PI Powar, API Sonali Patil, PSI Kohle, HC Pandurang Nikore, Sanjay Telmasre, Subhash Khedkar, Constable Sanjay Pande, Gopal Vaidhya and others.

The Social Security Wing of Crime Branch has registered a case against the lady under section 3,4,5,7 of the Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act 1956 and are investigating the names of the 150 regular customers. Sources in Crime branch are also investigating if the accused lady is involved in human trafficking or not.