Published On : Tue, May 23rd, 2017

Koradi Power Plant Scam : Chimneys worth thousands of crores sold in scrap

Nagpur: A major scam has been unearthed at Koradi Thermal Power Plant where at least 4 Chimneys estimated to be valued at Rs 500 crores have been reportedly made scrap and sold at just Rs 60 crores. Around Rs 4000 crores were reportedly spent on building these Chimneys about 3-4 decades back. Sources informed that the Energy Department has allegedly favoured a leader associated with the department in getting the deal through. These chimneys were tagged as scrap after the operation of new units began at Koradi power plant about 2 years back. The favoured contractor whom the chimneys have been sold at dirt cheap rates is now set to transport them to his place.

These chimneys were fully functional before the operation of new project and it was later turned into scrap following an audit. The audit valued the chimneys at Rs 60 crore. Experts believe that even in the scrap condition the chimneys cost atleast Rs 500 crore. Tenders were called for disposing this ‘scrap’. Sources said the concerned leader took into confidence other contenders and cracked the deal in his favour.

No wages to Lanco workers for 5 months
Lanco, a South African company engaged in construction of power plant project has reportedly not paid salaries to over 100 workers for the last 5 months. The salaries range in the bracket of Rs 10,000 to Rs 3.45 lakh a month. The company representatives have reportedly warned the labourers against moving court and threatened that no payment will be done if any of them takes legal route. Sources said Lanco’s management was also contemplating retrenchment of employees soon. The company has only 6 to 8 months of work left.

Reserve water being used for construction
In yet another misuse of reserved resources, a private construction company has been reportedly drawing water from Koradi lake reserved for use at Koradi power plant. The water reserve is being exploited for construction of commercial complex by the side of water body. The local gram panchayat member informed Nagpur Today that the alleged activity was well in the knowledge of power plant chief but he had not initiated any action owing to the political pressure from the said leader who is reportedly defending the said builder.