Know Your Police Station: Yashodhara Nagar

Part 6: Yashodhara Nagar Police Station

Nagpur: Established on May 13, 2008, by bifurcating Jaripatka and Pachpaoli Police Station; Yashodhara Nagar Police Station is one of the most sensitive areas of the Nagpur City. To curb flourishing irregularities in the area and at the same time to instill fear among anti-social elements, Commissioner of Police, Amitesh Kumar himself appointed Senior Police Inspector (PI) Ashok Maroti Meshram (a PSI of 2002 batch) following his astonishing tenure at Nagpur Crime Branch.

Yashodhara Nagar Police Station operates with 97 staff members along with 13 officials and comprises an area between Automotive Square, Bhilgaon, Mehandibagh Puliya, Ajri Majri, Vitibagh Puliya and Chikli Chowk. With Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, Wandevi Slums, Vinoba Bhave Nagar, Kundan Nagar, Indria Mata Nagar, Kanji House Chowk, Rani Durgawati Chowk, Ittabhatti being the sensitive points.

(PI) Ashok Maroti Meshram

Speaking to Nagpur Today, PI Ashok Meshram discussed how Yashodhara Nagar cops have undertaken several preventive measures to curb irregularities in the area. Riddled with several sensitive points, even a minor dispute could lead to major tragedy here, hence constant policing is essential emphasized, PI Meshram. He further mentioned that owing to organized crackdown against the anti-social elements, not a single incident of body offence or housebreaking reported under Yashodhara Nagar Police jurisdiction.

PI Ashoek Meshram has already shared his personal mobile number – 8888471234 — with the locals and has advised them to directly call him in case of any emergency or if anyone wants to share any secret information. Their anonymity has always been protected, he assures.

(PI) Ashok Maroti Meshram

Amplified preventive action against anti-social elements:
“Owing to flourishing irregularities, Yashodhara Nagar Police have launched organized crackdown against hardcore criminal, illegal liquor and gambling businesses in the area under the supervision of Commissioner of Police, Amitesh Kumar and Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Zone 5, Neelotpal. Compared to preventive actions in the past, we have now amplified the preventive action 10 times. In 162 preventive actions executed by Yashodhara Nagar Police within a month, the total 64 criminals have been sent to jail. This has ultimately helped in restoring peace in the area. Due to such proactive actions, not a single case of body offence or housebreaking was reported within Yashodhara Nagar Police Station,” PI Meshram said.

Crime against women will not be tolerated:
Yashodhara Nagar Police jurisdiction comprises a large number of labour and migrant workers. Due to lack of education and easy access of liquor, the rate of domestic violence is comparatively high here. Even though we do not have enough woman staff, I’ve specifically instructed woman officials of Yashodhara Nagar Police to keep vigil on women. I myself monitor such cases remotely. Crime against women will not be tolerated under Yashodhara Nagar Police, PI Ashok Meshram assured.

Significance of Local Interactions:
“Apart from Shantata Meetings, Mohalla Meetings, and Senior Citizen Meetings to hear their grievance, Yashodhara Nagar cops make sure to interact with citizens, local corporators, and business owners to acknowledge their queries. Owing to the dense population area, petty arguments often prove fetal under Yashodhara Nagar Police jurisdiction; hence I’ve advised our officials to pay special attention to the NC-offences. During any religious festivities or programme, Yashodhara Nagar Police makes sure to conduct a review meeting with the local religious leaders to ensure peaceful celebration in the vicinity. Along with routine patrolling in the area, I’ve made special provision of foot patrolling in the area, especially during the night time to have a remote glimpse. This has proved really significant in controlling crime,” said PI.

Regular checks on repeated offenders:
To curb the irregularities under Yashodhara Nagar Police Jurisdiction, the cops have prepaid the chart of notorious criminals in the locality, who are on constant watch. Besides, cops on the regular basis keep checks on repeated offenders in a bid to control nuisance and at the same time to instill fear among them. Yashodhara Nagar cops have also arrested four externed goons and 1 accused under MPDA recently, to ensure safety of the locals, informed PI Ashok Meshram. He has also warned anti-social elements of stern action if their acts by any means disrupted the harmony of the society.

In a bid to inform citizens about their regional Police Station, Nagpur Today came up with an exclusive series — Know Your Police Station – to enable all the necessary information regarding the Police Station to the general public. In the report, you will find information about the Police Inspector of the respective Police Stations, ways to contact them in case of any emergency, besides the official’s future goals in the region etc.

– Shubham Nagdeve and Ravikant Kamble