Published On : Thu, Sep 2nd, 2021

Know Your Police Station: Nandanvan


Part 25: Nandanvan Police Station

Nagpur: Established on January 24, 2008 by bifurcating existing Kotwali and Sakkardhara Police Station, the Nandanvan Police Station is currently led by Senior Police Inspector (PI) Muktar Daud Sheikh (a PSI of 1995 batch). Nandanvan Police Station operates with 111 staff members and 11 officials.


Nandanvan Police Station comprises the area Wathoda Chowk – Mangalmurti Chowk (E-W) and Gangabai Ghat Chowk – Dhighori Chowk (N-S) with a dense population of around 2.5 lakh under its 8-km wide jurisdiction. With Hivari Nagar Layout, Aksa Majid being sensitive point.

MLA Tekchand Sawarkar also lives under Nandanvan Police jurisdiction.

Nandanvan Police comprises three beats: Hasanbagh Beat (Beat Marshal – NPC Ravindra Dhodake -mobile:8668595687 ) Nandanvan Beat (Beat Marshal – NPC Manish Ingole -mobile: 9764109376) and Shrikrishna Nagar Beat (Beat Marshal – NPC Bajrang Padwal -mobile:7888049287 )

Nandanvan Police Station Inspector Mukhtar Sheikh, Nagpur City

Speaking to Nagpur Today, PI Mukhtar Sheikh discussed how Nandanvan Police have undertaken several preventive measures to curb irregularities in the vicinity. PI Sheikh has amplified preventive actions against notorious criminals in the area following the directives of Commissioner of Police (CP), Amitesh Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Zone 4 Akshay Shinde. The move has proved pivotal as since PI Mukhtar Sheikh took his charge, Nandanvan Police Station has witnessed significant drop in anti-social activities.

Nandanvan beat – NPC Manish Ingole 9764109376

In bid to bridge the gap between cops and the society, PI Mukhtar has already shared his personal mobile number – 9823703845 — with the locals and has advised them to directly call him in case of any emergency or if anyone wants to share any secret information. Their anonymity has always been protected, he assures. Anyone can also reach out to Nandanvan Police on their landline number: 0712-2212190/192 he added.

Hasanbag beat- NPC Ravindra Dhodake 8668595687

Significance of Local Interactions:
“Apart from Shantata Meetings, Mohalla Meetings, and Senior Citizen Meetings to hear their grievances, Nandanvan cops make sure to interact with citizens, local corporators, social workers and business owners to acknowledge their queries. Apart from that Nandanvan cops have created several WhatsApp groups to address the grievances of citizens at earliest,” said PI Sheikh.

Srikrishna Nagar Beat – NPC Bajrang padwal

Preventive actions to curb irregularities in the area:
“In a bid to enforce strict law and order situation under Nandanvan Police Station jurisdiction cops have launched organized crackdown against record criminals, illegal liquor and gambling businesses in the area under the supervision of CP Amitesh Kumar and DCP Akshay Shinde. Nandanvan cops have externed one goon and have slapped four MPDAs, to ensure safety of residents, PI Sheikh said. “Nandanvan Police have initiated over 150 preventative actions against record criminals this year,” PI Mukhtar Sheikh mentioned.

He has also warned antisocial elements of stern action if they, by any means disrupt the harmony of the society.

Nandanvan Police Station DB Squad

Public Meeting Nandanvan Police Station

Precautions are best preventive measures:
“An alert citizen can help cops to prevent criminal activities in their area. One should always approach police if they find anything suspicious in the area,” said PI Sheikh and added, “While going out of the town, one should always keep their ornaments and cash in the locker or tag them along to prevent the incidents of theft. If it’s not convenient, one could alway keep them at your relatives’ place to ensure it’s safety.

Tree Plantation Drive at Nandanvan Police Station

Roll Call: Nandanvan Police Station , Nagpur City

To prevent the incidents of chain snatching, I would like to urge women that avoid wearing gold ornaments while going out for morning or evening walk. Though, if they wanna wear their ornaments, one should properly cover their neck, so that criminals don’t identify what they are wearing.”

Map: Nandanvan Police Station, Nagpur City

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– Shubham Nagdeve and Ravikant Kamble