Know Your Police Station: Imamwada

Part 10: Imamwada Police Station

Nagpur: Established on November 7, 1993, by bifurcating the existing Sakkardhara, Ganeshpeth and Ajni Police Stations, the Imamwada Police Station is currently led by Senior Police Inspector (PI) Mukunda Madhav Salunke (a PSI of 2004 batch). Imamwada Police Station operates with 75 staff members including 10 officials.

Imamwada Police Station comprises area between Aaware Chowk to Sardar Patel Chowk (E-W) and Baidhyanath Square to Ajni Railway Pool (N-S) with a dense population of 4 lakh citizens.

Pi & डीबी टीम इमामवाड़ा पुलिस स्टेशन

Imamwada Police Station comprises three beats i.e. Chandan Nagar (Beat Marshal – Dharmendra Nitnaware), Rambagh (Beat Marshal – Aatish Nikose) and Jattarodi beat (Beat Marshal – Vijay Pachbhai), including slums like Rambagh, Kapla Wasti, Imamwada, Jattarodi 1, 2, 3, Indira Nagar and Bara Signle Chowk under its jurisdiction. With prominent spots like Trillium Mall and Tata Capital Height Apartments, Imamwada cops keep constant monitoring on sensitive points like Rambagh and Jattarodi.

पीआई मुकुंदा सालुंके

Speaking to Nagpur Today, PI Mukunda Salunke discussed the various attempts that were undertaken by Imamwada Police to bridge the gap between citizens and cops under the guidance of Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar. Besides, daily nakabandi at fix points to curb mishaps and maintain traffic flow in the area the PI Salunke said that he had already shared his numbers with citizens and advised them to directly call him on his personal mobile phone – 9284819982 — in case of any emergency or if anyone wants to share any secret information. Their anonymity has always been protected and it has already helped him to avert many untoward incidents, said PI Salunke.

रोल कॉल फ़ोटो

Regular checks on repeated offenders:
To curb the irregularities under Imamwada Police Jurisdiction, the cops have prepaid the chart of notorious criminals in the locality, who are on constant watch. Besides, cops on the regular basis keep checks on repeated offenders in a bid to control nuisance and at the same time to instill fear among them. Immamwada cops have also slapped eight MPDAs and externed nine goons in the last two years, to ensure safety of the locals, informed PI Mukunda Salunke. He has also warned anti-social elements of stern action if their acts by any means disrupted the harmony of the society.

चंदननगर परिसर के बिट मार्शल नायक पुलिस कांस्टेबल धर्मेंद्र नितनवरे

Significance of Local Interactions:
“Apart from Shantata Meetings, Mohalla Meetings, Mahila Dakshata Meetings and Senior Citizen Meetings to hear their grievance, Imamwada cops make sure to interact with citizens, local corporators, and business owners to acknowledge their queries. Owing to the dense population area that comprises labour class mostly; petty arguments often prove fetal under Imamwada Police jurisdiction. Hence I’ve advised our officials to pay special attention in the vicinity. Along with routine patrolling in the area, I’ve made special provision of foot patrolling in the area, especially during the night time to have a remote glimpse. This has proved really significant in controlling crime,” said PI Salunke.

रामबाग परिसर के बिट मार्शल नायक पुलिस कांस्टेबल ( Npc) आतिश निकोसे

Cops shouldn’t harass anyone, especially labour class: PI Salunke:
“The Government pays cops from the tax money derived from the industrialists and businessmen. However, these tycoons make their fortune based on the hard work done by the labours. Hence, while assigning every official’s duty following the roll-call session, I assure that Imamwada Police shouldn’t harass any citizen especially anyone from the labour class,” says PI Mukunda Salunke.

जाटतरोड़ी परिसर के बिट मार्शल हेडकॉन्स्टेबल विजय पंचभाई

PI Salunke urges parents from labour class to educate their ward:
“Imamwada Police jurisdiction comprises a large share of labours. These labours are compelled to stay out and work for the entire day to earn bread and butter for their family. The upshot of this often takes a toll on their ward’s education and later complicit them. Hence I hereby like to advise every parent from the labour class to educate their ward as education is a major deterrent to crime,” urged PI Mukunda Salunke.

इमामवाड़ा पुलिस स्टेशन मैप

In a bid to inform citizens about their regional Police Station, Nagpur Today came up with an exclusive series — Know Your Police Station – to enable all the necessary information regarding the Police Station to the general public. In the report, you will find information about the Police Inspector of the respective Police Stations, ways to contact them in case of any emergency, besides the official’s future goals in the region etc.

– Shubham Nagdeve and Ravikant Kamble