Published On : Tue, Feb 9th, 2021

Know ‘Alishan Man ‘, Fashion style sensation in nagpur

Nagpur: Wherever you go, you see his face! The curiosity about a middle aged man with long beard and hairs, wearing traditional Indian attire to Western outfits, on several hoardings placed across the city has taken Nagpurians by storm.

While many have confused him with foreign model; in an exclusive interview with Nagpur Today, he himself ended the speculations and confirmed himself as 100% Desi.

Daljit Sean Singh, the trending fashion and style sensation in Orange City had a candid chat with Nagpur Today reporter Farhan Kazi. Singh (51), elaborated about the conjunction of his movies and modeling, besides how he loved Nagpur.

He also identified Amrita Galhotra on this occasion, who actually introduced him to Nagpur City itself.