Published On : Thu, Sep 9th, 2021
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Know About MahaBhulekh Maharashtra: How to Check 7/12 Satbara Utara Online

Imagine that you have the privilege of checking land documents on the Internet in Maharashtra. Sounds too good to be true. Introducing MahaBhulekh Maharashtra, a website that allows you to access land registration documents online.

In 2008, the government launched the Digital Land Records Modernization Program (DILRMP), formerly known as the National Land Records Modernization Program (NLRMP). As the name tells, the goal is to digitize and modernize records and develop a centralized land registration management system to ensure transparency launched MahaBhulekh Maharashtra to simplify the human interface in land transactions.


What is MahaBhulekh Maharashtra?

Do you need information about the land you own or want to update your land records? This can now happen if you are sitting at home. The Maharashtra government has launched an electronic portal that stores data related to 7/12 SatBara Utara, owner name, land registry, land status, area, etc. Also known as Apna Khata, SatBara Utara, Mahabulekh, Maharashtra brought transparency and made it easier for citizens who would have to bear visiting offices. By visiting official website, people can easily access data related to the land in question. By browsing the website, you can download the information you want and even access the 7/12 Satbara Utara and Malmatta Petrak property cards.

What are the benefits of Mahabulekh Maharashtra?

  • Access to 7/12 Satbara Utara extracts, maps, and anatomy of the land. Relieves the complexity of illegal possession.
  • You don’t have to go to Talati offices.
  • Updating information from anywhere at any time takes just minutes now.

How can you check the details of Satbara Utara on the Mahabulekh or Bhulekh Mahabhumi Portal?

You might want to know all the details or information about land records in Mahabulekh, Maharashtra. Even if you know the Mahabulekh Maharashtra portal, you may not be very comfortable using it because you have never used it. To access any portal and get information on a specific issue, you must have sufficient information on the main technical and methodological aspects so that you can run the site without any problems. Know how to use the portal without too much hassle. Just have the Skills and information that can be obtained so that you can make the most of the Mahabulekh Maharashtra portal. It is necessary to inquire about the severity of the process, which will provide the essential information. This is a simple and easy way. Once you learn it, you can quickly check the detailed information about Satbara Utara on the Mahabulekh Maharashtra.

What is 7/12 satbara Utara?

7/12 provides detailed information about the history of ownership of a particular land plot. This will help everyone understand any disputes that have arisen in the past, help maintain clarity about them, and ensure that conflicts were or were not resolved before any land transactions. This 7/12 link also provides detailed information on the crops grown on this land, crop types, and land use—Bhulekh mahabhumi and 7/12 Satbara Utara help disseminate information precisely.

What is the Importance of 7/12 Satbara Utara?

7/12 Satbara Utara is essential from many aspects, as it allows you to know the exact location of land or property, there are other data, such as some other activities performed on the land, such as farming or gardening., the land will be classified as arable land or farming land. In the same document, it will be possible to see any disputes or claims related to the land.

What are the uses of 7/12 Satbara Utara?

  • The 7/12 Satbara Utara has several uses, such as:
  • The 7/12 Satbara Utara is used to prove or confirm ownership of ancestral land or any other land plot.
  • 7/12 Satbara Utara provide all the information about the type of land and activity carried out on that land.
  • 7/12 Satbara Utara provide details on the agricultural and surrounding land.
  • A 7/12 Satbara Utara is required at the office of the deputy registrar when selling a specific land plot.
  • A 7/12 Satbara Utara is required at the bank if someone wants to borrow money on a specific piece of land.
  • The 7/12 Satbara Utara was requested in court in civil proceedings as evidence.

How can I get a 7/12 Satbara Utara online?

One way to take this information from snippet 7/12 is to apply it to the tahsildar, provide them with detailed information about the land, and explain the intent.

Another easier way is to apply the 7/12 Satbara Utara ion through the official Maharashtra land registry website, Mahaonline. You can get the information you are looking for by entering the required information on the online portal as shown on the screen. Government visitation may be required in some cases where details cannot be found on the Internet.

The procedure for downloading 7/12 Satbara Utara online on the official website is as follows:

Step 1: Open the official Maha Bhumi Abhilekh portal.

Step 2: Then click on the area of ​​your choice from the available options

Step 3: After the page continues, you will need to select option 7/12 in the menu and then click on the district option in the dropdown menu

Step 4: Then select the Taluka option and a village from the dropdown list.

Step 5: In this step, you can search for records using your name and survey number.

The requested information will appear on the screen, and you will be prompted to register using the associated mobile phone number.

Once this step is approved, you will receive information about the land.

There is another website where we can request a 7/12 Satbara Utara online. The process is as follows:

Step 1: Visit the official site of Aaple SarkarMaharashtra.

Step 2: Then select the Right to Service (RTS) option on the home page.

Step 3: Then select the “NEW USER” option. This will redirect you to the next tab, where you need to create your profile. Then you need to register with all the necessary information.

Step 4: Always remember that the information provided on this website is, in fact, the basis for all certifications., all data provided here must be correct to get the desired result.

Subscribers need to proceed in two ways: you can manually check the UID or fill in all the authentication details on the website.

Step 5: Then select the first option and enter your Aadhaar card number. You will then receive an OTP code to your registered mobile phone number, after which you can download all data from the UIDAI portal.

Step 6: For the second option, the applicant will need to fill in all the data. Registered mobile phone number and address

Step 7: The user will then receive a one-time password to the registered mobile phone number.

Step 8: Applicant must upload a photo and provide a confirmation form and address.

Step 9: Then click the REGISTER button.

NOTE: If the user is already registered, re-registration as a new user is not required. Thus, they can skip Step 3 – Step 9.

Step 10: Then log in to the portal by entering the username and password you registered earlier.

Step 11: When you go to another page, select the Revenue Department.

Step 12: Then select the revenue sharing option from the dropdown available in the portal section.

Step 13: Select “7/12 Satbara Utara” from options and then proceed to continue.

Step 14: Enter subscriber details such as name, current address, registered mobile number, original Aadhaar number and email id.

Step 15: Select detailed information about the area and the village from the menu. Enter the survey number and Hissa number.

Step 16: After filling in the details, the 7/12 Satbara Utara page will automatically open.

Step 17: Again, carefully check the data that you have selected and filled in. If all the filled data is correct, click the “Submit” button.

Step 18: Then, a window will appear with the actual transaction ID displayed on the screen. Then click OK.

Step 19: At this time, the screen will display the expense details on the 7/12 Satbara Utara, then select the confirmation option to continue.

Step 20: After requesting payment, the details will appear on the screen. Check out the details of the 7/12 Satbara Utara details, then visit the tax department homepage.

States have created websites and portals to facilitate the process and reduce inequality. Consumers, for their part, need to be aware of the sites available and provided by the government.