Published On : Wed, May 20th, 2015

Kiran Shaw Majumdar asks Rahul Gandhi to stop being immature and playing petty politics


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New Delhi.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, C&MD of Biocon Limited, has hit out at Rahul Gandhi for his ‘suit boot ki sarkar’ comment calling it ‘immature political tactics’ and ‘petty rhetoric’ that was uncalled for.

“I think as a country we should put national interest ahead of everything else. And national interest today calls for development. I don’t think the Congress is focused on poverty alleviation. They almost believe that the politics of poverty is the way they will get votes. And I think they need to think again” she said.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has repeatedly accused the government of working only for corporate leaders and not caring about the interest of farmers.

In an interview to NDTV, Kiran says, “I think this is immature political tactics at a time when we need to focus on development. I do not agree with any of the things Rahul Gandhi has said. Let’s not get into all this mud-slinging. I think using all this petty rhetoric, trying to take pot-shots at the Modi Government is uncalled for.”

Ms Shaw also said that she was very disappointed with the Congress for stalling key bills like GST and land acquisition termed it ‘hypocrisy on part of the congress’ and ‘partisan politics’ at its worst.

She said, “I think when Congress has embraced certain bills very very passionately, especially the GST bill, I don’t understand why they would resist it with such fierce opposition.”

Ms Shaw has stated categorically that with such a stance Congress has shown it is anti development.

Another top leader of corporate India, Adi Godrej has also expressed his disappointment with the congress for stalling bills… saying the opposition has put political considerations ahead of national interest.

Mr Godrej told NDTV, “I was particularly disappointed in the Congress’ stand on the GST because they were for GST. They wanted to push the GST during the UPA regime. I was particularly disappointed with their behaviour in the Rajya Sabha on the last couple of days, making an issue of Nitin Gadkari’s resignation, which I think was a very minor issue to hold back such a major economic issue for the country.”

Earlier this year Kiran Mazumdar Shaw had criticised the Modi government for the slow pace of reforms saying impatience is setting in within members of corporate India.