Published On : Wed, May 20th, 2015

Amol Dhake in Amravati Police custody

Legal action against Director of Satvik Group.

Amol Dhake

 In a swift action, the main accused in the economic offence, Director of Satvik Group Amol Dhake aged 40 year old, who had duped scores of people who had invested lakhs of rupees in his ponzi schemes, the Economic Offences Wing of Amravati Crime Branch had obtained his custody with Produce Warrant from Nagpur Central Prison. Amol Dhake is lodged in Nagpur Police for the similar offenses committed with scores of investors.

It is alleged that Amol Dhake had conned or duped scores of investors with tall claims or bait of doubling the investor’s money in three years. Sources claimed that an investor identified as Ramesh Kolte a resident of Cotton Green Colony in the city had invested Rs 11 lakhs in the Satvik Company’s Ponzi scheme. When Amol Dhake did not give Rs 22 Lakhs as promised nor did he return the principal amount of Rs 11 lakhs, Kolte lodged a complaint with the God Gengar Police Station against Amol Dhake.

When the Economic Offenses Wing of Amravati Crime Branch started their investigation, they came to know that Amol Dhake was already in Nagpur Central Prison for offenses committed in Nagpur city. Police Inspector Ganesh Aney of Economic Offenses Wing of Amravati Crime Branch, got a Produce Warrant and took custody of Amol Dhake and took him to Amravati.

On Tuesday, the May 19, 2015, the Economic Offenses Wing of Amravati Crime Branch produced him in Amravati Court and got Police Custodial Remand till May 26, 2015 for questioning.