Kinnar Chamcham attacked murderously by Uttam Baba over ‘supremacy’ hostility

Nagpur: Hostility between two groups of Kinnars (transgenders) over establishing supremacy in their “field of activity” in city turned bloody on Tuesday. One of the ‘renowned’ Kinnars named Chamcham was attacked murderously by the rival group of Kinnars headed by ‘notorious’ Uttam Baba.

According to information, rivalry between the two groups of Kinnars was brewing since past many days. It is learnt that the victim, Chamcham was reportedly establishing hold over the activities of Kinnars. The activities include collecting money from passengers in trains, religious or other events such as weddings, naming ceremonies, etc etc. As is practice in Kinnars, the money collected was to deposit with Uttam Baba being the head of the group. Uttam Baba would then disburse the money share to members of the group.

Sources said that since past many days, the victim Chamcham was emerging ‘powerful’ and swaying the activities of Kinnars with an upper hand. This caused much discomfort and heartburning for the accused Uttam Baba. Subsequently, on Tuesday, Uttam Baba allegedly sent 7-8 masked Kinnars to the house of Chamcham at Kamna Nagar in Kalamna with the intention to settle score. They attacked Chamcham with sharp-edged weapons leaving the Kinnar injured grievously. Hearing the melee, nearby residents rushed to the spot and took the profusely bleeding Chamcham to Hope Hospital on Kamptee Road. Chamcham has been admitted in ICU and reportedly battling for life.

On being informed, senior police officials, a team of Crime Branch reached the spot and started investigation. Cops have reportedly detained 4-5 members of Uttam Baba group and interrogating them.

Further details are awaited.