Published On : Wed, Aug 26th, 2015

Killer Sister or Cruel Mother! Is Sheena Bora daughter of Indrani Mukherjee?


Indrani Mukerjea (left) and Sheena Bora (right)

Indrani Mukerjea (left) and Sheena Bora (right)

The mystery grew thick and dark over Sheena Bora murder case that rippled sensation across the nation as a new theory surfaced from under the wraps. It is now turning out that Indrani Mukherjee who has accused of committing the cold blooded murder of her sister Sheena, is apparently hiding her relation with the bereaved girl. Sources said that Sheena could be the daughter of Indrani.

Indrani (43) was arrested yesterday from her home in Mumbai, after her driver confessed that he had killed Sheena following his employer’s orders. Indrani is married to Peter Mukherjee, former STAR India CEO and considered one of India’s most influential television executives.

Sheena studied in St Xavier’s College in Mumbai, and according to her LinkedIn profile, was employed with Reliance ADAG when she disappeared in 2012. She was 24-years-old at the time.

According to The Telegraph, Indrani’s relatives confirmed to the paper that Sheena was actually her daughter. The accused also has a son from a “relationship with a person who divided his time between Calcutta and Tripura”. Later, Indrani was married to a man who had businesses in Kolkata and Jamshedpur.

The Telegraph reports: “Sheena and her brother, who works in an airline now, were brought up by their maternal grandparents in Guwahati. The children eventually moved to Mumbai and Sheena did her graduation from St. Xavier’s College there. After Indrani married Peter, who made a name for himself at the helm of STAR India and during whose tenure the blockbuster Kaun Banega Crorepati was launched, Sheena moved in with the family. The family friend said Sheena, who was known as Indrani’s sister, became close to Peter’s son from an earlier marriage. It is not clear whether the alleged relationship played any role in Sheena’s death.”

However, in another report, Tehelka suggests that it may not have been Bora getting involved with her stepson which may have enraged Indrani enough to have Sheena killed.

It may have got to do with something bigger than that – and what’s bigger motive for murder than money? According to Tehelka, the Mukerjeas had siphoned a lot of money from INX media, a company they later stepped down from. To avoid suspicion, a lot of this money had been transferred to their relatives’ accounts. One of those accounts may have belonged to Sheena Bora, who later refused to return the money.

Tehelka reports: “Singapore based company Temasek invested in the the media company of the Mukherjea’s and after the global recession, Temasek got the media company audited. It was found out during this audit that Peter and Indrani had siphoned of huge sums of money from the company in the name of various family members, including Peter’s brother Gautam Mukherjea who brings out the magazine Planet Goa.”

Sheena’s remains were found from Raigad district where Indrani’s driver Shyam Rai had buried her.