Published On : Wed, Sep 3rd, 2014

Kidnapped Yug Chandak found dead on city outskirts; father’s ex-employee killed him

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Reminding of the horrifying abduction and murder of Kush Kataria, a school going kid, a pall of gloom prevailed yet again over the city, as the body of 8 year old Yug Chandak, son of renowned dentist Dr. Mukesh Chandak was recovered from a nullah under the small bridge at Babulkheda on Patansaongi road in Saoner tehsil here on Monday.

The mutiliated body of Yug, covered with sand was found in school dress. His face was badly smashed with the stone. Police have arrested Rajesh Dhivre, an ex-employee at Chandak Dental clinic, along with his aide Arvind Singh, both 21. Rajesh reportedly worked as an accountant at the clinic.

A CCTV grab with Nagpur Today showed the two men riding away with Yug sitting in  between, on the said Activa outside his residence at Guru Vandana Apartment near Chhapru Nagar square.

A CCTV grab with Nagpur Today showed the two men riding away with Yug sitting in between, on the said Activa outside his residence at Guru Vandana Apartment near Chhapru Nagar square.

A police officer on condition of anonymity informed that the cops have been quizzing all the employees at Dr Chandak’s clinic near Azam Shah chowk on CA road. During the course of their inquiry, it surfaced that Rajesh was fired few days back on some reason. Knowing this, cops picked up Rajesh on Tuesday and tried to extract details from him. After much deliberation Rajesh opened his mouth, rendering the cops and Yug’s parents in utter shock. Rajesh admitted to have killed Yug along with his accomplice Arvind. Later he led the cops to the place near Borkhedi, where they had dumped Yug’s body after killing him. A sight of Yug’s body indicated the inhumanity by the two evils in the guise of humans. Both had almost buried Yug’s body under the sand after brutally killing the innocent child.

Rajesh said he took the drastic step as he was fumed over his sacking and also developed greed for money.
Yug was kidnapped yesterday outside his residence at Guru Vandana apartment near Chhapru Nagar square, when he returned from the school and rode back with a man on the Activa scooter, suspected to have been driven by Rajesh. Yug had left his bag with their building’s watchman before leaving.

After kidnapping Yug, the duo went to Babulkhera village in Patansaongi, about 27 kms from Nagpur. They had not harmed the boy until then. Rajesh and Arvind panicked when the former got a call from the police to present himself for questioning. It was then that they decided to kill the boy.

Police said Yug was strangulated and smothered, and his head smashed with stones. The body was buried in sand under pipes near a culvert located on the desolate Gomti-Gunthala Road. When water washed away some sand, they placed huge stones over Yug’s body to cover it up. When the body was exhumed, there was no shirt on it. Yug was only in his school uniform shorts and shoes.

Yug’s body was brought to Mayo Hospital for post mortem to ascertain the time and actual cause of his death.

Angry mob gathered at Lakadganj Policestation

Angry mob gathered at Lakadganj Policestation


Tension grips Lakadganj as mob crowds police station; cops exercise lathi charge

Around 5000 people reportedly gathered outside Lakadganj place station on Tuesday night as they furiously demanded to hand over the accused to them. Both the accused Rajesh Dhivre and Arvind Singh were brought to Lakadganj police station which was cordoned off by a force of 250 policemen. As the mob tried forceful means to grab the accused, the cops resorted to lathi charge. Extra force have been called in to tame over the mob fury. The furious people and well-wishers of Dr. Chandak wanted to kill both the accused for their heinous act. However police tried to protect them and provided extra security cover to both the culprits.

…Ravikant Kamble