KFT holds inaugural teachers training program at Saksham CBSE School

On 20th July, 2018, Kids For Tigers, Sanctuary Nature Foundation, A Tiger Programme, was organized in association with the newly constructed school Saksham CBSE Vidhyalaya, which is registered with the KFT. About 50 teachers participated in the programme. 20 Municipal corporation schools though not registered with KFT participated and much to everybody’s surprised with all the issues of saving our planet Mother Nature.

The event began with a lovely lyrical song on environment, aptly sung by the nature club students of the host school.

This was followed by an introductory note of all the dignitaries seated on the dias. Mr. S.M.Joshi, Director of Saksham CBSE School, Mr.Sunil Limaye, Addl Principal Conserv ator of Forests(Wildlife), Dr.T.S.Rawal, Mr.Raj Krishnani, Dr.Jeryl Banait, Ms.Sulabha Chakravarty, Mr.Amol Khante, Director, CAC Allrounder and Mrs.Ekta Bhaiya.

All dignitaries instead of the traditional system of lighting of lamps and garlanding a portrait preferred to plant a sapling all together in a pot systematically arranged by the host school, dumped soil into it and then watered it.

Mementoes were given by the host school to all the eminent speakers on the dias by the host school, Saksham CBSE Vidyalaya, Sevasadan Complex, near Bhagini Mandal.

All participanting teachers were provided a paper kit bag consisting of a Sanctuary issue, participation certificate, note pad and a pen, alongwith the flow of event.

Mr.Sunil Limaye, one of the most dynamic Forest officers I’ve known kick-started the event with his wonderful speech on the importance of the saving of the species of tiger alone. He explained voraciously and very informatively on how important it is to save the tigers and his association with the kids for tigers activities over the years in various cities.

Mr.Raj Krishnani, who is well known in the social media for his Save the Tiger page he runs on the Face book which has more than 10 million followers all over the world. He too gave a brief account of KFT activities and our future plans to the participating teachers. He emphasized the teachers to inculcate the protection and conservation of forests and wildlife in order to save water which is our main resource of survival. If there are tigers, there will be forests, if there are forests, there will be water and if there’s water automitacally we shall

Survive. Dr.Jeryl Banait’s talk was an icing on the cake as he shared his experiences of how he was once upon a time “Kids For Tigers “ Ambassador, and though a doctor by profession filed so many public interest litigations against the Forest Department to rescue Tigers of Brahmapuri which were considered to have been man-eaters.

The teachers were excited to know the youngest speakers contribution to save the tigers and mother earth. He also explained how he had installed around 10 solar water pumps upto Kanha by raising funds by conducting a photography exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery which got full support from Ms.Raveena Tandon who is also a great wildlife enthusiast.

Mrs. Sulabha Chakravarty briefed up the KFT plans to showcase various presentations to about 40 schools in Nagpur to increase the awareness drive undertaken by her since last five years by inducing into the Kids For Tigers as its in-charge. It’s indeed an honour for we Nagpurians that the Map of KFT now shows Nagpur in the map which was missing for the last four years of our rigorous efforts to be recognized for all our activities at all levels throughout the year.

Mrs. Ekta Bhaiya, spoke briefly about the presentations that we are to give to the 40 schools in Nagpur.
Thereafter Dr.Rawal who needs no introduction spoke on all the wonderful activities of KFT in Nagpur and his contribution alongwith the wonderful kids. He has been an inspiring and driving force to the KFT team Nagpur.

Our last speaker Mr. Amol Khante, took the cake away with his much solicited humourous and practical talk which not only made the teachers interact with him after having a yummy brunch organized by the host school, who would have otherwise preferred to take a nap. But hats off to Mr.Amol Khante, Director of CAC Allrounder who related the relationship of students participation in outdoor activities to understand nature better and be connected to nature practically.

I expresss my sincere gratitude to all who attended the event, made it so successful and memorable. I would especially like to express my sincere thanks to all the members of the host school including the Director, Mr.S.M.Joshi, Principal Mrs.Padmaja Marathe, and each and every member of the school which has a manpower of just 15 altogher , despite that they organized the event extremely meticulously.

I would also like to thank all the loving volunteers who helped me conduct the event unconditionally. A huge thanks to my professional photographers Mr.Ajinkya Dharaskar and Rishab Meher for their wonderful capturing of the event photographs without any event remains incomplete. Mr. Palliwal, Kartik, Hida who Vijaya and Sonali who put great efforts to make the event memorable.