Published On : Wed, Feb 22nd, 2017

KASAB – is this who Modi sits with in Parliament?

BJP propaganda machinery in UP has embarked on a unique scheme of educating Indians on interesting points touching upon ALL facets of life – and Death!!

After elaborating on the Art of Taking Showers with Raincoats on in the August house of Parliament, our Prime Minister Modi, speaking in UP has enlightened us on how Electricity can also have Religion. There is Ramadan electricity and Diwali electricity – also Holi and Eid.

And when we die, Smashans and Burial grounds should get equal funding and footing!

But errrr…..excuse me, isn’t there a fundamental difference? Hindus are cremated, so few crematoriums can handle many bodies, but only one body can be buried at one spot! These burial grounds, which are present in every village with a Muslim majority can become breeding grounds for land grabbing and nefarious activities so a good compound wall around them become a necessity.

But should we really be debating such issues and talking such morbid talk when campaigning in India’s biggest state of U.P.? Is this the level we have come down to?

And when such lows are touched, you also expose your antipathy, if not hatred for minorities; didn’t you realize it?

Now Amit Shah, Modi’s second in command in many ways, has come up with the most telling definition of all.

KASAB he says stands for K – Congress (??) Sa for Samajwadi and B for BSP.

We all know Kasab was hanged – he was hanged in our very own city of Nagpur so how can we not know?? (There were some top notch lawyers who implored the Supreme Court to hear their plea at midnight and stop the hanging, almost all of them Hindus, but that is another story).

So Kasab was hanged and Shah is now equating three major political parties to his name. Does he want to hang them too? Is he so mortally scared of them, so frustrated with their existence, that he likens them to an eliminated Muslim “terrorist” ?

Members of Parliament of these parties sit in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, of which the PM is a member too. Does he inhabit this space with Kasab?!!

Whether you like or not BJP campaigners, Muslims amount for almost 18% of India’s population, our largest ‘minority’. Many Muslims were a proud part of our freedom struggle – when your party did not even exist! – and their contribution to our culture and country is significant. Remember Taj Mahal? Or Lal Quilla from where our PMs give their independence day speeches? Who built them? Who coined the extremely patriotic and popular song “Saare jahan se achcha, Hindosita hamara?”

If you haven’t heard it recently, please do so now! There is a verse in it which says

“Majhab nahi sikhata, apas mein bair rakhana… Hindi hai hum watan hai Hindosita hamara!”

So please stop this hate mongering in the name of Religion.

It doesn’t behove India’s “largest party’s” President and it certainly doesn’t sound good coming out of the mouth of our P.M.- the world’s largest Democracy . Even a child of our country can tell you that.

You have been given a never before chance to rule over India and many of its states – do so with humility, dignity and non partisanship!

Who knows if the chance will come again and again???

…. Sunita Mudliyar – Associate Editor