Published On : Fri, Mar 27th, 2020

“Kartik Purnima” Actress Poulomi Das goes ‘Bollywood Crazy’ during Quarantine

Quarantine is certainly a boring time for anyone, particularly if you don’t have any siblings to spend time with. It’s perfect for those with traditional families who can play games, sing songs, and do a lot of fun to keep themselves occupied and spend time.

It seems that Bollywood, too, has found ways to have fun, and it looks like they’re either trying to jig it or crooning their hearts out. They rock all from dancing in their houses to singing. And that includes our world-famous’ Karthik Purnima’ actress Poloumi Das. She’s been checking her vocal cords and dancing skills for a mashup song. The videos also show us how good she’s at all of them, and she has also inspired her fans and followers to do the same thing as dancing keeps us fit and singing frequently makes our voice stronger.

Check our the video here


Nevertheless, the videos by ‘Poulomi Das’ from ‘Kartik Purnima’  sounded fun though, and yes, we will do whatever we can to get us through until April 15th. Until then, we will stay at home, exercise, eat plenty of vegetables, and wash our hands daily. Also, be obedient citizens and observe the lockdown and curfews. Our goal is to be safe and to keep ourselves and others happy. Poulomi, who was last seen in shows such as “Suhani Si Ek Ladki,” “Dil Hi Toh Hai,” “Aghori” and many more, is now one of the favorite actresses in every household.