Published On : Tue, May 15th, 2018

Karnataka polls verdict 2018: Big blow for Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi’s jibe of ‘three Ps’ now holds true for Congress

Rahul Gandhi
New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi doesn’t seem to be in a good spot right now with the Karnataka results pointing at a BJP majority in Karnataka. Thrust with the responsibility of steering the Congress back to its glory days, the Karnataka polls verdict is bound to be a body blow for the Congress chief.

Hoping to ride the anti-right wing sentiments in parts of the state, Rahul Gandhi was hoping that Karnataka will provide him with the springboard to challenge Modi in the General Elections 2019. But unfortunately for him, it has become another sore point for his career and the party, which is struggling to shrug off the tag of anti-development and graft, inherited from its role as the lead partner in the UPA government.

Narendra Modi and Amit Shah said their main aim is to make India ‘Congress-mukt’. With the win in Karnataka polls, they are well and truly on the right path in their endeavour.

Retaining Congress was crucial for Congress as it would have given them the much-needed confidence boost going into the Lok Sabha polls, scheduled to be held next year.

But this debacle is going to be a major headache for Rahul Gandhi and team as it leaves them with only Punjab, Mizoram and Puducherry as states where they are in power.

PM Modi during his campaign trail slyly commented that after the Karnataka polls, Congress will remain a party of three Ps – Punjab, Puducherry and Parivaar. Well, his prophecy has now come true.

Although the BJP is reportedly on a sticky wicket in Rajasthan and anti-incumbency wave is bound to have an effect in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, the Congress party lacks the organisational wherewithal to challenge a reinvigorated BJP.

Congress now is left with only Mizoram, Punjab and Puducherry in their kitty and after the Karnataka elections verdict, it seems Rahul Gandhi’s leadership skills are going to be tested by another trial of fire in the build-up to the Lok Sabha polls next year.