Published On : Fri, Jul 8th, 2016

Karan Johar reveals truth of Bollywood affairs, says everyone is cheating on everyone

Karan Johar
Karan Johar has been the gossip maker for the last couple of years in Bollywood, thanks to the ‘bold comments’ that celebrities belted out in his talk show. Now Karan Johar has dropped another bombshell with his overboard remarks about Bollywood affairs in one of his articles.

In his most recent one, the socialite filmmaker talks about how infidelity is rampant in Bollywood. “Everyone is cheating on everyone, ” says Karan Johar in this very honest note. Read on:

“If there is no one philosophy on food any more, then there isn’t on love either. The conscience police have been retired and rendered entirely unarmed. In the war between libido and conscience, there’s a clear victor: RIP Conscience. And I’m not finding it to be a problem between people any more either. I’ve spoken to partners of both sexes, and everyone seems ok with it, and they’re coming back to their relationships completely satisfied with all good in the hood (that’s not a euphemism, btw). Sure, there are tears that are shed, there are meltdowns and breakdowns, but nothing that chocolate or, umm, a chocolate boy can’t help with (sometimes both together?)”

“I feel like it’s all become so ubiquitous, and that’s new. Infidelity has always existed, but I feel like it was brushed under the carpet, behind the scenes. Now everyone is at it – and they’ve stopped pretending they’re not. Industrialists go on ‘work trips’, actors go ‘indoors’ on their ‘outdoors’. And all those stereotypes that girls are more faithful than the guys and sit quietly waiting for their husbands/partners to come home is no longer true at all. I’ve been at parties where everyone has a roving eye and a shaking thigh. It seems like the women are saying if they’re getting some, why shouldn’t I too? And that I applaud, more power to them. They have their cheat days same as anyone. Why stick to a la carte, when the buffet offers such range?”

“My driver gets more action than I do! The other day his wife called, complaining that he’s visiting his girlfriend more than her! There is something very wrong with my life: he’s rocking it up and there I am, one seat behind him, and all I’m missing is a nun’s habit.”

“I meet men, they talk about other women (or men). I meet the women, they talk about other men (sometimes other women). I feel sexuality and fidelity lines are blurring. And I can’t decide if that’s good or bad. I guess certain truths are universal: when you’re on a diet, everything that’s not allowed looks more delicious. So when you’re on a relationship diet, does the same hold true? Is an infidelity binge followed by relationship detox? Should it be?”

“So am I endorsing infidelity? Of course not. How can I endorse something that’s already sold out? And of course, now I know so much about this world, I’m questioning my own notions of love and romance. I feel at my age that I am just too late to the party. All this time I’ve been fantasizing about the perfect relationship, now I’m wondering if I should be fantasizing about cheating on the perfect relationship!”