Published On : Fri, Apr 15th, 2016

Kanhaiya Kumar harps on blending of ‘Red’ & ‘Blue’ but unaware of the outcome

The JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar’s visit to Nagpur city got painted in ‘colourful’ controversies for one reason or the other. The visit was meant to update the students and youngsters about the present situation in the country. However, the way he pleasured the ‘treat’ hosted by local Nationalist Congress Party leaders left everyone baffled. Even though unwarranted acts of Bajrang Dal activists of hurling stones on his car and shoes during his speech at Dhanwate National College camouflaged Kanhaiya Kumar’s tie-up with Congress and NCP slyly, the question being raised is: Are Congress and NCP trying to woo Dalits, who are disillusioned with the parties, through the fiery student leader? However, what the Dalits want, exactly?

Kanhaiya Kumar
Amid ruckus and ‘tamasha,’ the President of Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union Kanhaiya Kumar, during his speech at Dhanwate National College Hall on April 14, 2016, roared that time has come to blend the colour blue and red with each other. “Desh me ab nile aur lal rang ko ek saath aa jana chahiye.” His terming the colour ‘Red’ meant ideologies of Leftists and “Blue” meant ideologies of Dr Ambedkar. This was the real reason of Kumar’s visit to Nagpur.

Yesterday (April 14), the indebted countrymen celebrated the 125th birth anniversary of architect of Indian Constitution Bharat Ratna Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. Even though Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated at Government-level too every year but this year the Modi Government at Centre and Fadnavis Government in Maharashtra had decided to celebrate April 14 in the form of Samajik Samarasta Divas (Social Harmony Day). Probably, it is for the first time after Independence the Panchasheel Flag, symbol of Dr Ambedkar’s ideology, too was unfurled in all Government offices across Maharashtra. Traditionally, the tricolour is unfurled in Government offices only on Republic Day and Independence Day. Rattled by the BJP-led Government’s claims and counter claims on Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, Congress party too, at its level, organised year-long various programmes across the country to mark 125th birth anniversary the Dalit icon. The concluding function of the year-long programmes was held in Nagpur on April 11 last. Then came Kanhaiya Kumar on April 14. The reason cited for his visit was paying homage to Dr Ambedkar. Had he really wanted to pay his respect to Daloit icon then he could have been in Chaityabhoomi in Mumbai where Rohit Vemula’s mother and brother embraced Buddhism! Kanhaiya Kumar never gets tired in calling Rohit Vemula his ideal. Kumar came into limelight only after Vemula committed suicide and the protests staged thereafter.

However, soon the JNU student leader dashed to Nagpur amid his Congress joining rumours and spit fire on ideology of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. He said that Nagpur should be called Deekshabhoomi instead of Sanghbhoomi. By the way he also uttered that time has come to blend the colour red with blue. In his first speech too after the release from jail the sedition-charged Kanhaiya Kumar had stressed coming together of colour “Red” and “Blue.”

On the other hand, even as Kumar talked on blending the “red” and “blue,” the RSS already blended both the colours. Recently, when the RSS announced changing of its uniform and the colour the trouser will have gets after mixing the colour red and blue. If one has to say in perfect tone, the colour gets after mixing of saffron and blue. The RSS has chose the trouser of the same colour. In fact, RSS and BJP have very shrewdly have been blending blue with saffron since the past three years. The topmost Dalit leaders in the country are now in BJP fold. The BJP achieved the electioneering ultimate by riding on the Ramdas Athawale’s Republican Party in Maharashtra. But did not make him partner in Government despite promising him so.

But why Kanhaiya Kumar is talking of uniting the red colour and blue colour? It is beyond understanding. Because he is not seen openly standing with the politics of Leftists in the country. Yes, he is seen rubbing shoulders with Congress leaders and their politics, often. Then why he is not talking of blending of Congress and the blue? Why stress on mixing red and blue? Kanhaiya Kumar even shouted ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ slogan during his yesterday’s programme in Nagpur. The Left parties representing the colour red has totally disapproved thrusting of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ slogan. Then why Kanhaiya Kumar talking in such an ambiguous manner? Is he acting on somebody’s behalf?

The most powerful roots of Dr Ambedkar’s ideology are in Maharashtra only. The agitation Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar led in 1920 at Mahad in Raigad for right over water is dotting across Maharashtra in the form of Ambedkari agitation. The ‘Namantar” (Naming) Andolan of Marathwada in 1994, the uproar in the aftermath of brutal murders of Dalits in Khairlanji in Bhandara District, is the testimony strong Ambedkar ideology. Dalits in Maharashtra are well alert as compared to entrire country. There are well aware of their education and are united despite being victims of politics of rifts. In the Lok Sabha elections as well as Assembly elections in State the RSS and BJP taught lessons to those who played politics with the ideology of Ambedkar and also brought one group into its camp. But this group is today disappointed with the BJP. Kanhaiya Kumar, probably is trying to feel this aching pulse. But why is he talking of mixing red and blue? How can he? The answer is better known to him only. However, when Nagpur scribes asked him about the “blue-print” of his plan, Kanhaiya Kumar evaded the question in his own style.