Published On : Sat, Mar 14th, 2020

Kanakpura Tourism: A perfect blend of history and adventure

Headquarters of the Kanakapura Taluk in the Ramanagara District of Karnataka, the Kanakapura city is one of the most popular tourist centers in South India. While bestowed with mighty beauty of nature, the city is popular for its architecture, lifestyle and historical affluence. With forts, gardens, mountain tops, and some Instagram-worthy riverfronts, Kanakapura tourism is gaining popularity among travelers from all corners of the world.

An amazing mix of history and adventure, the Kanakapura city is a short distance away from Bangalore City and is one of the perfect day outings in Bangalore. Filled with jaw-dropping beauty and thrilling experiences, it is one of the must-visit places to visit in Bangalore.

Rejuvenate in Nature

Being surrounded by the abundance of nature, the Kanakapura city enjoys a rather peaceful and calm surrounding as compared to the hub Bangalore. The picture-perfect location with mountains and lakes on the sides makes this city a much-loved tourist destination for the nature lovers. The Banatimari State Forest, Banatimari Hill, Gardens and lakes give a perfect respite from the chaotic life of the city to breathe in the luxury of nature. Take time out to explore the green landscapes, waterfalls, mountainous roads and gardens and revere the beauty of this city while rejuvenating in the clean and green environments. The Kanakapura resorts offer nature-driven rejuvenation therapies to unleash, relax and recharge your mind, body, and soul.

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Get a taste of history

Earlier called the Closepet, and turning into Ramanagara village, the Kanakapura City has earned fame in due time. Carved out as a district from Bangalore, today Kanakapura enjoys its identity as an outstanding city and a major nature-driven tourist destination of South India. Bestowed with ancient forts, old village beauty and a lifestyle that connects the village people to cities like Bangalore, Kanakapura sits calmly in the crowd as a pleasing experience. While it is still a developing city, it has become a weekend getaway to spend time in nature. Walkthrough the city to visit some of the historical temples, forts, and ancient museums to connect to its history and enjoy the charm of the old world. The city is quite popular for its distinct architecture and beauty as the residents keep the sanctity of laid back lifestyle alive.

Adventurous escape

Today, Kanakapura is a major hub for the adventure seekers with its wide variety of adrenaline rushing activities in nature. While one can experience peace and calm in Kanakapura City, nature-driven experiences call for some excitement. In close vicinity to the city, one can join the adventure groups to experience trekking, mountain climbing, river rafting, jungle safari, camping, etc. Discovery Village is an adventure luxury resort located in Kanakapura connecting the adventure seekers to thrilling experiences while offering luxury escapes. Enjoy the luxurious comfort of the resort, and dwell into the spa therapies as you unleash after some outdoor adventurous activities and smear the beauty of nature onto yourself.

A complete holiday experience

For families and friends looking out for opportunities for a fulling holiday, Kanakapura City is the place to be. Connecting people to the laid back lifestyle of the village, the emerging feel of a city and nature-bound experiences, the city has a lot to offer. With activities like mountain biking, cycling, trekking, jungle safari, river rafting, etc, there are also opportunities to join pottery classes, music sessions, and cookery workshops and learn a new skill. The hidden forts, villages, ancient buildings and architecture are a major source of inspiration and connect one back to the kingdom of Tipu Sultan. Be it a group of friends seeking time out for a holiday or a family spending quality time together, the enchanting mix of historical places and adventurous activities keep the holidaying experience alive in the city.

Kanakapura City, although a new avatar to the Ramanagara Village, is a major hub for travelers to South India today. If you are seeking for some green escapes apart from the Garden City of India – Bangalore, the Kanakapura district is worth exploring. Visit the lost towns, might mountains and revering jungles in the district to tickle the adventurists in you!

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