Published On : Mon, Dec 1st, 2014

Kanak Resources mired into garbage glitch; erratic functioning adds to citizens’ woes

DSC_0907Nagpur: City’s outsourced garbage picking company Kanak Resources have caught the eye of storm with the recent court ruling in which the company was asked to detail about their functioning and also questioned about how much garbage it picks from various areas of Nagpur on daily basis. It seems the court’s intervention has opened a pandora’s box in which every irregularity about the company is being exposed every now and then. It has come to the fore the erratic and non-regular services by Kanak’s appointed men have added to the woes of citizens in every colong.

Kanak Resources Management Limited (KRML) is a public limited company incorporated in November 2007 as a joint venture between IL&FS Environmental Infrastructure and Services Limited with an objective of handling collection and transportation of municipal solid waste. The Health Department of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation has given the contract of lifting garbage from various areas and transporting the garbage to Bhandewadi to Kanak Resources Management Limited.

However, the personnel of Kanak Resources Management Limited do not work on Sundays. As a result of which right from Saturday evening to Monday morning the heaps of garbage are seen in many areas of the city causing a health hazard for citizens and financial loss to the civic body.

DSC_0898It is also noticed that builders and others who undertake contract for small repairs or construction work dump construction and other waste materials (from the old construction on private open plots or the spot where garbage is usually dumped). The civic body transports garbage and the construction material to Bhandewadi at its own cost.

There is no mechanism which can be initiated to take action against violators and perpetrators of illegally dumping garbage and construction material.

These people go on to even dump construction material or debris in the Nag River, which is often cleaned by NMC spending huge amounts. Sources in NMC say that the civic body is paying Rs 832 per tonne to the private operator to transport garbage and waste. Therefore huge amount of public money is going waste due to NMC’s negligence.

Debris left unattended after repairing roads

The NMC undertakes repairs on various places. Patching-up of roads using modern equipments is often done at many places in the city. However, the NMC authorities often forget to lift the debris and material from the repaired spot.

IMG_20141128_164207This is also true in case of repair of pedestrian path-way using inter-lock cement blocks. The amount of blocks which remain unused are often deserted on the road or the foot-path itself. These blocks are often brought at very costly rates (as high as Rs. 15/- per block).

If and when the citizens make a lot of noise or complaints abound then the contractor who lifts garbage is asked to lift the garbage or debris.IMG_20141128_164147