Kanak Resource Management says its not over charging, NMC paying as per WPI

Kanak Resource Management

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Nagpur: Kanak Resources Managment Limited a company engaged in collection of garbage has been accused of over-charging. But the company has refuted the charge stating that it is getting exact amount which it should get. The agreement between the Kanak company and Nagpur Municipal Corporation was done in 17 November 2008 and now this June it will come to an end. But the company is hoping that the agreement will be extended .

Presently the company has been collecting 1100 to 1150 metric tonne of garbage and NMC is giving the company Rs 1306 per tonne. NMC has been paying the company Rs 4,30,98,000 crores every month. According to the company it is not at all in profit and started getting some profit just this year.

Kanak company stated that it was getting payment as per the conditions. In 2008 the payment was made as per Rs 449 per tonne. It stated from 2008 to 2018 the inflation rose and so the expenditure also increased and under the Clean Indian campaign it had to make some technical changes in the vehicles used for collecting garbage. It stated that the city also expanded and so investment cost increased. The company has implemented minimum wage board for its 1700 employees, it stated.

NMC has been paying under the Wage Price Index (WPI). The certificate for this is issued by RBI every three months.