Published On : Sun, Jan 10th, 2016

Kamptee’s Sriram Sena takes lead over ‘original’ one, Saffron brigade wears silence!

Nagpur: Sriram Sena or Shriram Sene as known in Karnataka has been inevitably connected with their excessive ways of moral policing. However climbing to this party’s aggressive acts, an organization from Kamptee known by similar name is gradually creating a rage among young and energetic lot of Vidarbha. Having its roots at Kamptee, a suburb in Nagpur, Sriram Sena is being headed by a local councilor, unlike the original one allegedly run by RSS.
Running under similar names, but run by people who are poles apart in stature and expanse, these two parties have been fluttering media circles over the connection between the two!

And the questions galore – Which one is original and which one is fake? Which special class is getting benefited by the existence of the two organizations? Whether the aims of both are common? Whatever may the answers to these questions one fact is coming to the board is that one is being reportedly led by RSS and the other being headed by a Councillor of Kamptee Nagar Parishad (Municipal Council). A fact is very true that ‘Sriram Sena’ of RSS has no existence in Vidarbha. The RSS and BJP are household names across villages in Vidarbha. But one thing is certain. RSS has so much capacity that it can enthuse life into ‘Sriram Sena’ any time anywhere on larger scale. That too by portraying itself a social organization comprising faces of high-caliber and highly educated class of people.

Local one gained strength!

On the other hand, a BJP Councillor of Kamptee Nagar Parishad is reportedly running an organization named ‘Sriram Sena’ with full vigour. An army of hundreds of youths had and have participated in opening of branches or gatherings the organization held since its inception and till to date. The youths possess different and extraordinary qualities and capacities as well totally different from cadres of RSS. It can be said that the name is same but words and actions are different.

RSS, BJP mum over issue

Notably, the first organization of RSS is an official one and the other is being run by the BJP Councillor of Nagar Parishad (Kamptee), who is reportedly very close to a party minister. Now, the point to ponder is that indirectly both the organizations are one and only one. And if they are separate then how it is thriving in the forts of big guns of RSS and BJP? The topic is being hotly debated across political circles. The point of discussion is: Whether the said Councillor is running a ‘parallel’ organization on par with RSS and BJP to achieve something extraordinary? If there is an iota of truth in the fact then the ‘silence’ of RSS and BJP leaders is something beyond understandable!!

Fetching massive crowds

The so-called ‘Sriram Sena,’ reportedly led a BJP Councillor, has turned a cynosure of many eyes and been drawing huge crowds with people thronging on their own unlike RSS or BJP who have to “arrange” by all means. The ‘Sriram Sena’ of Kamptee has taken a lead as far as drawing of crowds is concerned. It could win a race in this regard if a contest is to be organized. A serious thing to ponder for political parties, indeed!!

Yet another Arun Gawli way…

Former gangster Arun Gawli was ‘affectionately’ called ‘Hindu Hriday Samrat’ by his followers when the don was at his peak in his initial business. Later, Gawli too floated a social organization which soon became a ‘clout’ in many areas. With its forward march, Gawli’s social organization jumped into the poll fray. However, after a success or two in the poll arena, the organization met its waterloo so much so that there is no sign, visible or invisible, of that organization. The don Gawli himself is in jail. Now the question is: Could ‘Sriram Sena’ of Kamptee go Gawli way? Till now the reported head of the organization has tasted success after success in politics and polls as well. But he has now come on radars of almost all rival political parties that would not spare a single opportunity ‘to eat him kaccha.’ Once the head of Kamptee organization licks the dusts, there would be no one to help him to stand up upright!!

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