Published On : Wed, Sep 7th, 2016

Kamptee citizens demand slapping of MCOCA on ‘active’ criminals in view of festivities

Old Kamptee, Kamptee Police Station
Nagpur: It is found that whenever there are festivities or gaiety of any religious festival, some people of Kamptee simply cannot digest it. It is only then that these people with crooked mind have been found rubbing the salt on already healed wounds of anti-social elements and pushing them into committing crimes and becoming a part of criminal gangs. These crooked people then enhance their political image and stature by using these persons with criminal antecedents. This modus operandi has been going on for many years now. This time, ill-reputed gambler Manoj Sharma has dared to perform this audacious act. He goes about claiming that the police and the administration are in his pocket.

On Sunday, September 4, 2016 in an area that falls in Old Kamptee, around 11:30 pm, more than 18 goons (known to have serious offences registered against them) including Sameer Kauwa, Zafar Badewala, Muzbil Badewala and his associates cornered and attacked Sheikh Sameer Sheikh Sabeer a resident of Shasti Square Kamptee with iron rods.

When Sheikh Saleem went to lodge a complaint with the police, gambler Manoj Sharma was already present in the Police Station.

According to sources, Manoj Sharma is alleged to have declared loudly that let the Police administration try all their tactics but he will never let MCOCA be slapped on Sameer Kauwa and his associates. When the others who were standing there questioned him about how he is going to achieve it, he is reported to have said that the District Guardian Minister and District Congress chief are in his pockets.

Sharma did not stop at that, he went on to claim that on the request of District Guardian Minister and District Police Administration, it was him who had acquired the Bungalow of Lodha for starting the office of Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone-V).

Sources claimed that there are as many as half a dozen such elements like Manoj Sharma who instigate and protect goons whom they have created to perform anti-social acts especially during festivities. Whenever the people want to live a peaceful life, persons like Manoj Sharma revive old wounds or scars and press these anti-social elements to commit acts which initiate chaos and riots.

Some of the socially conscientious citizens of Kamptee have demanded that MCOCA should be slapped on criminals like Sameer Kauwa especially during the upcoming festive season. To add to that the citizens have also demanded that some stern action should be initiated against people like Manoj Sharma who are publicly defaming police and politicians alike.

Now it is a wait and watch to see if the district administration and the cops take some concrete action against goons?

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha (