Published On : Sat, Mar 27th, 2021

Kabootar Bazi turns bloody, youth murdered in Gittikhadan

Nagpur: Kabootar Bazi took a bloody turn as a youth was murdered brutally by his rival in Gittikhadan police area here on Friday night. The accused killer has reportedly been arrested.

The deceased has been identified as Akshay Sidharth Bafde (25), resident of Gawlipura, near Dongre Flour Mill, Gittikhadan.

According to police sources, the accused Raja alias Arman alias Ahar Jaffer Khan (27) and the deceased Akshay Bagde were neighbours. Both indulged in Kabootar Baz (pigeon rearing). On Friday around 9 pm, a quarrel erupted between Raja and Akshay over pigeon flying. The wordy duel took a bloody turn as Raja attacked Akshay with a sharp-edged weapon and stabbed him on his chest. Akshay collapsed and died on the spot.

Gittikhadan PSI Waklekar, based on a complaint lodged by Roshni Robin Salve (31), resident of Gawlipura, booked the accused Raja alias Arman alias Ahar Jaffer Khan under Section 302 of the IPC and reportedly arrested him. Further probe is underway.