Published On : Mon, Jun 23rd, 2014

Juvenile delinquents on the lose, 35000 looted

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Nagpur News
: Beware of small innocent, poor looking vagrant small children, especially, when you are carrying cash or valuables from your Bank, ATM or Jeweller’s Shop. You may never know, how they distract you and steal you bag with valuables and cash.

On June 21, 2014, Vishal Purohit of Mulchand Kishan Gopal Company, dealing with Cotton Bales had sent his employee named Dilip Vyas aged 43 years to collect Rs 35,000 (Thirty Five Thousand) from his account in Bank of Baroda, Sitabuldi Branch. His employee had gone to the bank and had withdrawn the cash kept in the bag and had put the bag crossed across his back and was walking on the paved foot-path towards his two-wheeler.

Suddenly, Dilip experienced severe and unbearable itching on his back. Unable to bear the itching, he asked the small boy, what is there on his back? The boy said that there are many small red ants. He said that pour some water from a bottle kept on the road side.

Dilip removed the bag, placed it in front of him and bent down to pour water on his back and remove it. Meanwhile when Dilip’s attention was diverted for a few minutes, the small boy vanished and decamped with his bag containing cash.

The employee Dilip called his boss Purohit and reported whatever happened with him. He rushed Dilip to Sitabuldi Police Station to report the matter.

Unfortunately he experienced totally apathetic police personnel.  PSI Wagh, who was present on duty, said that he is busy and does not have time to register his case. He asked Purohit and Dilip to come the next day or in the evening.

Since June 22, 2014 was a Sunday, the employee recuperated from the severe itching. He went to the Sitabuldi police station on June 23, 2014 again. Today, again the police officials told that PSI Wagh was on leave and that the officer who will look into the case is busy and he will have to wait to register his case.

According to Purohit, if one looks at the CC TV footage of the Bank, the modus operandi of the juvenile delinquent will become clear. However, the bank insists on a police officer’s presence before watching the CCTV’s footage.

Till the time of writing of the story, the complainants were still in the police station.

This type of crime has been reported off and on, on various media. While some use a hundred rupee note, inform the driver that his hundred rupees has fallen from his pocket and in the greed for a hundred rupee, the person’s brief case or bag. In another type of theft, the juvenile throw bird droppings on the shirt some-how. As soon as it falls, these small kids volunteer with water and cloth to remove the bird droppings. As soon as the innocent person (one carrying cash or valuables) keeps his or her bag down to clean the shirt or top of the bird-dropping these fellows decamp with the bag.

Another novel way of mugging, especially on the high-way is drop an egg on the windshield. As soon as the egg drops, it splatters on the windshield. Most of the drivers are tempted to run or operate the windshield wipers. This in turn spreads the egg matter on the entire windshield, practically making the visibility zero. So the car driver stops the car to inspect and clean the windshield. Taking advantage of the stopped car, these highway thieves decamp with valuables and cash of the passengers. Most of the time, these thieves are armed with weapons causing fear in the passengers and driver.