Published On : Tue, Aug 11th, 2020

Justice MG Giratkar has released accused Gopal Madhukar Aswar R/o Akot Dist Akola on regular bail.

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Nagpur– He was arrested by the P.S.O of P.S. Akot City for offence punishable under section 302, 326, 323, 504, 34 of IPC on the complaint of Vacchalabai Vadatkar. The FIR was lodged against Gopal Aswar, Yogesh Aswar and Subhash Aswar.

The story of prosecution is that, the complainant having three sons namely Vijay, Sanjay & Kishor. She resides at the above said address along with her two sons namely Sanjay and Kishor and her elder son Vijay resides separately. The applicant and other two accused also resides near the house of complainant. Prior to two years back there were quarrel between the accused persons and complainant since then they did not talk with each. It is further alleged on 13/O2/2020 at about 11.00 p.m. the son of complainant sanjay were out of the house and complainant was waiting for her in front of her house that time this Gopal Aswar, Subhash Aswar and the son of Subhash Aswar namely Yogesh Subhash Aswar were sitting in the door of their house.

At about 11. 30 p.m. the complainant’s son namely Sanjay came there and asked Gopal Aswar as to why he is angry with him and he abused Gopal. On this the accused Gopal, his brother Subhash and Guddu @ Yogesh took Sanjay towards the tree near the water tap by pulling him and beat him by kicks and feast. Thereafter Gopal went to his house and bring wooden stick from his house and bet the complainant’s son on his head and due to which he fell down, he again assaulted him by stick, feast and kicks and the complainant’s son got unconscious.

Thereafter they all three pulled Sanjay and put him near the door of Shrikrushna Bodakhe and went away abusing. It is further alleged that, the complainant’s son namely Vijay and Kishor and two sons of Vijay namely Chetan and Aniket came there and took Sanjay in the house. The complainant thought that there is no more injury to Sanjay and he will be conscious, hence they could not took Sanjay to the Hospital.

Thereafter the two sons of complainant asked her as to what happened, hence the complainant told them that Gopal bet Sanjay on his head by stick and Subhash and Guddu beat him by feast and Kicks and when he got unconscious they put him near the house of Bodakhe. It is further alleged that, at about 7a.m. as the Sanjay was unconcious, they took him to rural Hospital Akot and thereafter Sanjay was referred to Akola Government Hospital where he died on 15-02-2020.

Adv Mir Nagman Ali appeared for Gopal Madhukar Aswar.