Published On : Sun, Nov 22nd, 2015

Just about 1/4th of Nagpur University graduates are worth hiring, says V.C. Dr. Kane


“Nagpur Unversity has about 4 lakh students enrolled in it; we conduct over 90 examinations but I am sorry to say despite these impressive numbers, very few of our graduates are ‘hire worthy’ ” said Dr. Sidharth Kane Vice Chancellor of Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University (RTMNU), Nagpur.

He made this shocking admission while speaking at the Global Nagpur Summit that is going on in Nagpur while speaking on the subject of creating smart talent for smart cities.

Dr. Kane said while the curriculum of the various subjects taught at the Nagpur University was chosen carefully and was among the best, and qualified academicians were teaching the students. the quality of its graduates suffered from faulty examination system.

“Earlier the examination system was very stringent and only deserving candidates would pass. It has been diluted so much over the years because of pressure from the student community and their parents and society at large that exams have become a farce. Students failing in many subjects are still allowed to go on to the next year and many such lacunae do not filter out the students who are not well versed in their subjects and cannot thus be hired .”

Many subsequent speakers seemed to disagree with Dr. Kane’s statements, pointing out that with the google knowledge revolution, it was not bookish knowledge but hands on experience that employers were looking at.

As a Speaker pointed out, there are 2 pass outs from Engg colleges – graduates and diploma holders. Sometime it has been noticed that neither can even identify some common machines; leave alone operate them!

Humble students from ITIs had a better track record in this aspect and could be trusted to run and also repair many common machines. This definitely points to something being radically wrong with our Education system itself.