Published On : Tue, May 31st, 2016

Journalism is strength of society & democracy but facing many challenges: S N Vinod

S.N. Vinod
“Journalism is strength of society as well as democracy and this powerful profession will continue to exist only if people connected with it do their job honestly and determinedly to uphold the principles.” These lively thoughts were expressed by S N Vinod, Chief Editor of Central Observer weekly newspaper at a programme organized to celebrate ‘Hindi Journalism Day’ on Monday (May 30). The function was held at Lohia Adhyayan Kendra in the city. S N Vinod was speaking on the topic ‘Today’s Journalism and Challenges.’

According to the ace journalist, the present day journalism, specifically the Hindi journalism, is undergoing a challenging as well as difficult phase. “The main reason for the difficult period is the lack of sense of responsibility in the people connected with the profession. Today, the Editors are not understanding their responsibilities the way they should have. Now-a-days, the Editors prefer to sit in the newsrooms with lesser influential people. This is the reason the sensitivity of newspapers is declining alarmingly. The Editors are found not taking interest in molding the fresh lot of journalists. As a result, the number of professional journalists is decreasing day by day,” the Chief Editor of Central Observer lamented.

Speaking further, S N Vinod stated that the people connected with journalism profession are craving to rub shoulders with the rulers for enjoying the ‘fruits’ as well as the power. “Friendship with the rulers is enemy of this profession. This is the reason the country’s Prime Minister dares to call the profession ‘Bazaaroo.’ It is better to introspect self at this juncture itself so that nobody can call the profession ‘Bazaaroo’ in future. The need is to stand firmly with the truth. Our commitment is and should be with readers who are getting wiser and wiser with the time. Our job is to apprise them with the truth,” S N Vinod asserted.

“Now-a-days, conspiracies are being hatched to divide the people on religious lines. In this situation, the need is of truthful as well as brave reporting so that the society is made aware of the nasty designs.

Remember, society and democracy could be strengthened only if journalism profession is strengthened. And the responsibility to strengthen the profession lies only in the hands of Editors,” S N Vinod exhorted.

Former Justice M Buradkar, presiding over the programme, lamented that the journalism profession is going erratic and thus missing the avowed target. The institutes set up to monitor the profession are visible only for the sake of names. These monitoring institutes, in fact, should initiate firm steps to rid the profession of shortcomings. The sooner the action the better it will be for the profession, Buradkar said.