Published On : Thu, Sep 10th, 2015

Joshi slams Thakre for playing dirty politics, misleading citizens

Sandeep Joshi
Nagpur: The Chairman of NMC’s Water Supply Committee Sandeep Joshi on Thursday castigated the Leader of Opposition Vikas Thakre charging him of playing dirty politics and misleading the citizens on contentious issues. Recently, Thakre had led demonstrations at NMC’s Civil Lines office over problems being faced by the citizens. One of the issues raised by Thakre pertained to problems of water supply.

Reacting to Thakre’s criticism, the Chairman of Water Supply Committee produced a bundle of water bills submitted to him as a memorandum. Joshi said that fe found only one bill in the bundle and the rest were notices sent to consumers. Joshi further said that the complaints he received contained only one bill of a consumer had an amount of over Rs 1200 and the rest were of below amounts.

Dismissing Thakre’s charges as misleading, Joshi said the Water Supply Department has been organizing complaints redressal camps zone-wise. In the camps organized in six zones, 830 complaints were received so far and 75 percent of the complaints have been resolved to the satisfaction of consumers, said Joshi.

Commenting on the allegations leveled by Vikas Thakre against the water supply company, Joshi said that the company is not authorized to take any decision. Whatever decisions are arrived at, taken by only NMC, asserted the Chairman of Water Supply Committee.