‘Jolt’ to Fadnavis as Cong-NCP nominee wins Sarpanch post in his adopted Fetri village


Nagpur: The Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was ‘jolted’ in his “home ground” itself in the Gram Panchayat election when a woman candidate supported by Congress-NCP alliance won the post of Sarpanch in his ‘adopted’ village Fetri in Nagpur.

Dhanashri Dhomne of NCP-Congress combined has been elected Sarpanch in Fetri village, ‘adopted’ and ‘developed’ by the Chief Minister. In a sort of solace, BJP has won five seats out of nine seats in the Fetri Gram Panchayat.

Elections to 246 Gram Panchayats in Nagpur District along with 17 other districts in Maharashtra were held on October 16. The results are being declared on Tuesday.

According to preliminary reports, in Sawanga Gram Panchayat, the Congress party has won all the seats. Post of Sarpanch and other seats have been grabbed by Congress.

In Khadgaon Gram Panchayat, BJP supported candidate has won the Sarpanch seat. All the BJP supported candidates have won all the 10 seats in the Khadgaon Gram Panchayat.

In Gumthada Gram Panchayat in Nagpur district, BJP has won a total of 7 seats out of 8. A Congress supported candidate has won on one seat. BJP has also won the Sarpanch seat.

In Bharatwada Gram Panchayat in Nagpur district, BJP supported candidates have won all eight seats including Sarpanch’s.