Published On : Sat, Sep 22nd, 2012

Interview with Surinder SIngh BAbra and Sandeep of Jawahar Institute of Education


Q-1Sandeep Sir, What is Jawahar Institute of Education?

Jawahar Educations pvt Ltd is a Educational Institute, Here we provide Educational courses to distance education. We are the regional coordinator of M.S University, It is a Tamil Nadu State Government University and it is approved by UGC, DEC AND HRD.This is the basic work which we do here.


Q-2.How old is your relation with this education firm and how do you started?

We started Jawahar Institute of Education two years back. Its 14 Nov-2010, before this we were working with an anonymous institute from there we got an idea that we can do the same and provide the better facilities to the students for better education. So Relation with the education is like 4 years back we started in education field and Jawahar Institute is 2 years old.

Q-3.Are you the only person who is taking care of everything?

No, we are two directors of the institute, Myself Sandeep and Surinder Babra.

Q-4.As we all know, Todays education is very costly, Not Everyone can afford it, So What’s the state in your Institute?

Absolutely Right, Education is very costly where as Education is Buisness But In Jawahar Institue of Education we provide education in cost the fees that university charges we do not levy extra charge like providng the facilities and all taking the extra fees.The only fees that we charge from the students is Universty fees and it is relatively very less from the other Institutes.Just for the example Fees for MBA Course is only 30.000 for complete two years where as other institutes are going to charge 50.000 and more than that,bt we are charging very less that is university charges.

Q-5.Surinder Sir,How do u manage to start this institution and tell me something about it’s Affiliation?

We started this institution 2 years back and the affiliations are like we are the regional co-ordinators for M.S. University which is UGC, HRD and NAC approved and apart from this we also have two more University with us i.e Karnatak State of University and Algappa University.

Q-6.How many centres you are having in Nagpur?
We are having three branches with us in different cities out of which two are in Maharashtra and One is in M.P(Chandrapur and Bhilai) and Hopefully Many more to come this year.

Q-7.What are the courses you are offering here?
We provide courses from Diploma level to Masters Level. Different kind of Diploma like Technical Diploma and even normal degree courses (BBA,BSC..) and all the graduations and Master’s Courses like (MBA,MCA..) like all courses we are providing for the benifits of Students.

Q-8.What you are planning for your future?
We are planning many more branches in this field and we are with the aim like to provide the best education at very less fees.We want our name to be on Top and we are tryng our level best.

Q-9.Why do you think student should enroll to your Institution?
The best part of Institution is that we provide all the courses at very less fees and the we are helping our students in their syllabus and education kind of things a lot.So I guess this family environment makes them to enroll with us.

Q-10.Sandeep Sir, How does Distance learning helps Student in their Career Comparitive to Full time study College?
For full time courses Students have to give their entire time to colleges and distance education doesn’t requires Students time they don’t have to attend classes . Students just have to go through the study material and along with the Work experience students can give the exams. The basic difference is that with Distance Education Student can earn even learn.

Q-11.What are the job opportunities does your students get after the completion of Course?
We don’t take admissions by giving the fake commitment of job and guarantee and all.But we had a tie up with Times Jobs there only we forward the resume for all the students and directly they will get the call if they are will justify to their requirement.

Q-12.What is the best part of Jawahar Institute of Education?
It is that we are taking Education as Education not as a Buisness to earn money and become some rich party . Tha basic aim of our Institute is to spread knowledge and for the people who cant complete their graduation just because of money problem or due to their job they wil also enroll with us for their complete Education.

Q-13.What would be your message for the new comers and the students of Nagpur?
To all the students I really just like to say.Think wisely Eduacation is the only thing which can make you on top before taking admission in any of the college you should be aware of everything regarding institute,background and education and how its is going to help them in future then only Invest safely.

Q-14.Any Wishes for Nagpur Today?
We wish “Nagpur Today” very bright future and hope it will be a successful e-new’s Portal . Best of luck and best wishes For NT thanks.






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